A Gift from Shenandoah Valley

How’s your summer going?


Next week, I’ll be making the four hour drive to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.


David, Janet and I will be staying at a lovely resort with a water park, horseback riding, zipline, and a beautiful lavender farm with a labyrinth.


Lavender is one of the most calming scents in the world, wouldn’t you agree?


I’ll keep this short.


Because I’m going off on a much deserved summer break (after the hectic five month build-up to, during and after TAE 2018)…


I’d like to give you a break too!


From today until I get back from my family vacation on August 19, 2018…


I’m treating everyone to a $700 off coupon for my annual 3-day Breakthrough Event this October.  


You can get more details of this event and claim your seat here:




ICYMI (that’s “in case you missed it” according to my 13-year old daughter)…


Breakthrough is an author event unlike anything you’ve been to before.


There are no guest speakers, no vendor booths, no lecture panels. Nope.


Breakthrough is about YOU, the person behind the book.


As you know, my philosophy is to work with the author first. The book will come naturally from that.


And that’s what Breakthrough is about. Part inspiration, part education, part transformation and part implementation…


Basically, it’s your one-step shop to accelerate your success as an author.


You’ll network, you’ll reflect, dig deep and experience the breakthroughs that will drive your author journey millions of miles forward.


If this sounds too “woo woo” for you… then you definitely need to attend.


The practical results we’ve gotten for authors at this event is astounding.


Past attendees have gone on to publish their books traditionally, get world-wide media attention, get more speaking invitations, become best-sellers, shift career, and expand coaching and consulting businesses around their book.


Get more details of the event and use your “VACA-700” coupon here:




***Remember to put in “VACA-700” in the promo code field when you register.
This discount is only good until David, Janet and I come home from vacation refreshed and relaxed.
That’s August 19, 2018.


So I shared what I’m doing with my family this summer.


I can’t believe it’s mid-August already!


Tell me about your most favorite memory this summer so far… or what you’re looking forward to in the comments below. 


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