I Can’t Believe This Email I Just Got

I can’t believe what I just got in my inbox.


I’m shocked. Just… astounded.


I mean… you know what?


I’ll let you read it for yourself…




Hello Christine,


My name is Alexandre, I’m originally from France-Portugal and I attended your TAE event a few weeks ago. I’m reaching out to you for a couple reasons.

First, to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a high-quality and packed content summit. I had asked the universe for some guidance and somehow I saw about the TAE the day before it started. Ha! It was divine magic at play.


Second, I felt guided to reach out for a very specific reason. You see, I did not upgrade to any of your tier programs so it forced me to attend ALL of the 32 sessions.


As you can imagine, it felt quite overwhelmed as I had over 40 pages of notes.


It even felt confusing a bit sometimes as many of the sessions overlapped in content as your guests generously shared a broad spectrum of insights.


And I thought to myself…


“I need to create a summary guide that structures, synthesizes, and categorizes everything so I have a clear roadmap from A to Z”.


As I was in the process of creating it, it became clear to me that your audience would highly benefit from it.


I should not keep it for myself.


With a business background (MBA and 10+ years in corporate), some of the marketing tactics felt confusing to me, and I thought that it could be even worse for your author audience who may not have this background.


And since I love to structure and organize what I learn (blame the French system for that as we do dissertations from 8 till 22 years old!), I created a 10 page guide that captures, synthesizes, and categorizes all the main content from all 32 sessions.


You’ll find that guide attached.


I branded it in your TAE colors so you could share it with your audience if you think it would bring them value.


This is my gift to you and them as the power of the content was amazing and I wanted to thank you for being so generous.


Of course, this guide does not replace the need to listen/watch the sessions.


But it provides a powerful overview of all insights so people can connect the dots in an easier way.


Also, I’d be happy to make further adjustments (e.g. wording, format, structure, add more content) if you needed them.


Thank you again for what you are doing, your bright spirit, and generosity!




Well, here’s what we wrote back:


“Wow, Alexandre…


This is beautiful!


What fabulous work, excellent summaries, and put together with great graphics and design.  


Thanks so much for sending this.

I’m excited to share it to my community.


Get Alexandre’s TAE Summary


There’s no opt-in. Just click on the link and download it.


Now, I know…


Several people, like Alexandre, didn’t get a chance to upgrade their free pass to get lifetime access to all the TAE videos, audios and transcript.


And as you review this beautiful guide, you might be reminded of several interviews during the Transformational Author Experience…


You might want to watch them again.


So if you’d like to upgrade your pass and get lifetime access to all of the TAE videos, audios and transcript (all 32 trainings)…


I’m reopening the Gold pass for the next 72 hours.


Last Chance for Lifetime Access to TAE 2018


And Alexandre… if you’re reading this… I’ve got you covered. I’ve already upgraded you to a TAE Season 7 Platinum Pass on the house.

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