One of My Biggest Regrets

OK, so recently, I asked what your favorite summer memory was.


I’d love if you’d tell me here.


But before you do that — let me share with you one of my favorite vacations of all time.


It was the summer of 2015. So it wasn’t that long ago.


What made this trip different though, was that I travelled with my mom and my younger sister.


I don’t think I’ve been on vacation with my mom since, gee… when I was 17.


I mean, it’s one of those things right? You grow up, you get married, you start your own family… And you go on tons of trips with them.


But when was the last time you went on a vacation with a parent as an adult?


We went to Spain. Madrid and Barcelona specifically.


It was a vacation my mom had dreamed of going on forever, but she never did it..


2015 was going to be her year though. My father was going to take her for her birthday and cross Spain off the bucket list.


But fate intervened. My dad got sick. Not sick sick… more like some physical ailments that just made it tough for long air travel and lots of city walking.


So my parents asked if I could take my Mom.  Then they asked my sisters if they wanted to go too.  And all of a sudden, we had an all-girls trip to Spain – me, my Mom and my younger sister.


Now – a little about what was going on in my life at the time.


In the summer of 2015, I was wrapping up my final year of Transformational Author Experience. I was done with it. Exhausted after doing it for 5 years straight. Just burnt out.


So I told everyone I was retiring TAE. This was it. Last year.


It was an extremely good year. We had guests likes Lisa Nichols, Mary Morrissey and Marcia Wieder.


But after doing it for almost half a decade… I was just done.


So when my mom asked me to travel to Europe after TAE 2015 was over… I was all in. No questions asked.


I can tell you right now —


Spain with my mom was one of the most easy, relaxed, fulfilling trips I’d ever been on. We managed to do and see everything (all the sights)… and also not feel rushed.


Have you ever had a “perfect vacation” like that?


This was one of those.


Everything just came together so well.


But the real lesson here isn’t that.


You see, I loved travelling with my mom as an adult.


And while we enjoyed all the sights, landmarks and museums… my favorite, favorite, favorite day on that trip was this one day… where my mom and I, out of the blue, no planning, all spontaneity… decided to sit on a bench at Parque del Buen Retiro.


There’s this manmade lake there and around it, you can watch street performers, live statues and puppet shows. On the lake are people in rented row boats.


And for hours, my mom and I sat there on the bench, just people gazing. Talking about life. Enjoying each other’s presence.


In other words, we did NOTHING that day… but at the same time, we did everything that mattered.


I look back on that perfect day fondly.


But I also have a few regrets.


One, I wish our trip had been longer. It was only ten days.


But more importantly, I wish I had done this earlier and more often.


Who knew that travelling with your mother as an adult could be so amazing.


And it took flying to Europe to figure that out.


But I’m glad I did.


Love and Blessings,




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