Trusting the Process

A few e-zines ago, I wrote an article about trusting in yourself; about how we all have self-doubts. And, part of this human experience is to work through our doubts and fears… and trust in who we are and that our life’s journey is exactly right for us.

But, what about the “outside forces” that seem to be conspiring against us. Sure, we may feel like we have it “together,” that we are on the right path and we’re doing ok and then…… POW! Someone or something comes along unexpectedly that can derail everything. (For me, it’s been my physical body this week. That’s been my POW!)

Your soul’s journey isn’t only about believing in yourself and trusting your own heart. Part of the journey – a large part – is trusting the process, and understanding that EVERYTHING unfolding in your life, or with your book and business are ALL part of that journey. And that it’s all happening for your highest good. Believe me, I know this is difficult to grasp at times. Sometimes it even feels impossible.

Yet, trust is the essential key in order to be continually guided toward peace, grace – who you’re here to BE, and what you’re here to do. It’s during these most challenging times that you need to trust that your soul chose this for you. That everything in the universe is conspiring for your benefit – not your demise.

You might be asking, “My soul chose this journey for me? These challenges? This heartbreak?” (I’ve been asking these questions with regard to my physical body this week!) And the answer continues to come back as YES! This is what my soul chose – what I need for growth to occur. And yes, this is what I’m asking you to shift into, too.

I’ve had some practice with this in my life. If you’ve known me for a while, you may recall that less than four years ago I was on my knees, losing my home, going through bankruptcy – desperate, lost and terrified. I had some serious conversations (and bargaining sessions) with who I understand God to be. I kept begging to understand what it was all about. I wanted to know how that experience was going to serve me, shape me and help me get closer to doing what I was born to do. I wanted to know why it was happening!

I’ll admit, my words at the time were not quite as delicate as this. My conversations were raw, angry, loud and rather colorful. I was furious. And after I did a lot of inner work I was able to come to terms with “Yeah, somehow even this is here to serve me.” And, boy has it. I can’t even imagine what my life would look like now had I not gone through that “dark night.”

Whatever you experience, and have experienced, and will experience, is here to serve you, too. I know it’s not always easy. Yet, when you can trust that your soul knew what it was doing when it chose you and chose these experiences you can begin to extract the gems, the beauty, the gifts in the challenge. You are continually being shaped to be a vessel for more love and light to shine through. And when you’re in the “fire of transformation” that is shaping your vessel let trust liberate and guide you.

So, I’m asking you again to trust. Trust in the process. Trust in what happens to you and through you every day. It is all happening for a reason.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. How are you doing with trusting the process unfolding in your own life? Comment below.

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Christine Kloser

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