My Biggest Creativity and Productivity “Hack”

There’s one thing I’ve been doing for the past 20 years that has skyrocketed my creativity, and productivity… I call it my creativity and productivity “hack.”

It’s the thing that’s helped me write and publish more than a dozen books, create award-winning programs, global trainings, countless blogs and articles, webinars, website pages, etc.

It’s also what many of my clients have used to write as many as 20,000 words in a week, complete and publish their book, create and sell new offerings for their business, and much more.

This creativity and productivity “hack” will work for you too… for anything YOU want to create.

But before I reveal what the “hack” is and how I discovered it on December 2, 1998 I want you to think about something first…

If I could wave a magic wand right now and grant ONE of your creative projects complete… what would you want it to be?

Would you want me to grant your book manuscript done?

Your reflective journal or workbook complete?

Your talk/speech/webinar written?

A full year of blog posts ready to go?

A new marketing initiative done (podcast, website, lead magnet, etc.)?

Think about what creative wish you’d like me to grant and write it down!

Got it?


This creativity and productivity hack can help you do exactly what you wrote down in less time than you think it’ll take.

It’s something so simple, yet so few people do.


Because it feels decadent, selfish, and impossible to do amidst everyday life.

Because we think we shouldn’t need this hack to get things done, like writing our books… but, we need it more than we can imagine!

Because life takes over and time flies by while we let that blur keep us from what we know we need to do.

I need not go on.  You get the picture.

But as I said, it’s a game-changer if you do it!

In fact, I wrote this blog using my hack.

So, what is it?

It’s something I discovered on December 2, 1998 after a bad breakup with a boyfriend and I needed a day to myself.

I craved time to reflect, write and be fully present with what I wanted to create next for myself, my business and my life.

With the encouragement of my good friend, Tish, I cancelled all my clients and checked myself into the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa for my first ever spa day.

I brought my journal, and my favorite pen and set an intention that the day would flow with ease, joy and an abundance of creativity.

That one-day creative retreat at the spa exceeded my expectations.

I finished it feeling like a different person, excited that I found my center again and thrilled that I created a ton of great writing for my business too.

It worked so well, that from December 2, 1998 to now… I consistently take creative days, or weeks.

Because, you can get more accomplished in a few focused creative days than in months at home or in your office.

This gift of time and space to create what YOU want to create is the “hack” that keeps on giving.

Giving yourself the gift of TIME and SPACE to write, plan, create, and develop what’s important for you and your business is  not a luxury.   Stay with me here…

If you are up to great things in the world and know you are here for a purpose…

And you know that in order to fulfill that purpose you must allow the creative flow to pour through you into whatever it is you are creating…

Creative days are a NECESSITY.   Not a luxury.

Like my client Judi, who was struggling big time with the decision to join me at my Creative Author and Leader Mastermind (for Women) in the Bahamas this May.   The questions and doubts were troubling her…

How could I leave my kids?

What would my neighbors think if I do this for myself?

Do I really deserve it?

Well, yes!   Judi has an important message to share with women across the globe.

Yet, if she doesn’t gift herself with focused, uninterrupted creative days… that message will never get onto the page and into the world.   Harsh, but true.

It can feel uncomfortable to give yourself this gift.  (Until you get used to it – then it’s all ease and joy to treat yourself and your creative projects like the priorities they are.)

So, my friend, it’s time for you to get uncomfortable and make your priority project exactly that… a priority!

So when will you schedule a day of focused, uninterrupted creative time?

It doesn’t need to be at a spa (though that is my personal favorite).

You could go to the library, a café, a friend’s house, etc.

The key is that you do it!

So… put a day in your calendar now.

As I said, this is a game-changer for anyone who does it!

And if you’re a woman who’d like to join me in the Bahamas – like Judi is – for six-nights and five full creative days… then I highly encourage you to check out my Creative Author and Leader Mastermind here.

I’ve made it super simple for you to create more in the next six months than you have in the past six years!

What do you say?   Will you do this for yourself?

Comment below and let me know how you’ll implement this hack.  I love hearing from you!









About the Author

Christine Kloser

Christine’s book writing programs have served more than 90,000 people in 127 countries.  She’s also published 650+ transformational authors and has been on the Top 100 Amazon, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-seller lists herself. She is the Founder and CEO of Get Your Book Done and Capucia Publishing.

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