046 Jania Aebi The Power of Forgiveness

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Podcast

You have a calling inside you – to transform the world, your readers, and yourself. Yet for some aspiring authors, that calling is stuck somewhere inside.  Maybe it’s stuck because of self-doubt or judgement or wondering “who am I” to write this book?  Enter Janie Aebi, today’s guest, to talk with you about the power of forgiveness and her incredible journey to becoming a two-time author in her 80’s.  It’s never too late, to release the past, embrace the present and create a new future as a published author.  

Tune in and listen to Christine and Jania discuss:

  • Jania’s incredible journey – emotional, physical, and spiritual to get to where she needed to be to write her transformational books…
  • The importance of letting go, surrendering, and allowing…
  • How forgiveness can free your highest expression…
  • A perfect example of how one author’s story can touch the hearts of any reader…

About Jania Aebi:

Jania’s childhood in Poland during WWII and the challenges she later faced in West Africa’s civil wars uniquely prepared her to help many others overcome their problems in a world filled with fear and confusion. Jania is known as a gifted energy healing practitioner and transformational coach, assisting men and women in healing physical and emotional imbalances, making them aware of, and connected to their Spirit. Her clients are empowered to dissolve the blocks preventing them from manifesting their highest vision and living their true life purpose. She has been speaking on News For The Soul Radio show and is now starting podcasts under the name Discover your Power. Jania’s most recent book Forgiveness- A Path to Create Miracles was sparked by her desire and life mission to create a world where people respect each other, allow for differences, appreciate what each has to offer and express their full potential.

Connect with Jania Aebi

Website: www.janiaaebi.com

Jania’s Book: Forgiveness – A Path to Create Miracles

Jania’s Free Gift: Being the Light

Facebook: Awaken to Full Health

Twitter: @janiaaebi

LinkedIn: @janiaaebi


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