091: Ulcca Joshi Hansen – How to Succeed on Your Author Journey

Episode Summary

Do you suspect you were meant to write a book–but that gnawing voice in your head keeps saying you’re wrong? Ulcaa Hansen, educational transformation expert and author of The Future of Smart knows exactly how you feel. And she is here to teach you how to trust yourself–and let your writer’s journey begin.

5:03 How can you trust yourself and move boldly forward in writing what your heart is telling you to write?

When you begin writing your book, a lot of voices might tell you that you are writing the wrong book–not the one the market wants. But inside you might know that your voice is speaking a powerful truth. How can you push past self-doubt to trust in this truth?

11:33 How can struggling writers trust in the process?

There are two ways of viewing the world–one that we can force things to happen if we fight hard enough or work hard enough. The other way is to believe that we need to trust in letting go and lean into something bigger than ourselves. As hard as it is to do that… it leads us to a place that is both powerful and gentle.

15:33 Christine and Ulcca discuss the evolving world of book launches.

There are so many details that go into launching a book. Ulcca shares her specific experiences with a few nuts and bolts of the process, especially when it comes to achieving publishing success on Amazon.

20:20 Christine talks about the one area people struggle with–getting reviews.

Ulcca shares her wisdom about how to ask people for honest reviews–and getting brave about doing it.

23:52 Ulcca shares the single most important thing she hopes listeners will take away from everything she has shared so far.


About Ulcca Joshi Hansen

Ulcca Joshi Hansen is a mother, educator, researcher and advocate working to change the way we think about and do education. She currently serves as Chief Program Officer for Grantmakers for Education, a national network of educational funders. Ulcca believes each young person deserves the chance to discover their unique potential, and to explore what that means for how they contribute to the world. Making this happen is the future of smart. It requires us to expand access to relationship-based, relevant and real-world learning experiences for young people and adults throughout their careers. An internationally-recognized expert on educational transformation at the level of instruction, assessment, organizational design and policy systems, Ulcca has a BA in philosophy from Drew University, a PhD from the University of Oxford, and a JD from Harvard Law School. She is a two-time TED speaker and has been recognized nationally for her leadership as a Harry S. Truman Scholar; a British Marshall Scholar; and a Paul and Daisy Soros Fellow.


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