The Power of Vulnerability

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As I talk with people lately, the more I’m hearing about authenticity, truth, alignment… and vulnerability.  These conversations are happening in “business” settings… and personally, I find it quite refreshing!

When you look at the external world you can see the challenges that come from mis-alignment, competition, having to be “stronger” than the “next guy, next business or next country.”  Being anything BUT vulnerable!  Well, it isn’t working, and I know you know that.

So there are two roads we (as a human family) can take at this great crossroads.  We can become more scared, “small,” cautions and fear-based.  Or we can do the thing the makes fear disappear.   We can become who we truly are… authentic, real, vulnerable and POWEFUL PRESENCES on the planet!

I’ve been talking with my author clients about this and also shot some video on this topic that I’ll be sharing with you shortly… and it’s somewhat counter-intuitive.

Often when you think of vulnerability, it draws up feeling of weakness or frailty.  But I ask you to consider this.  What if your vulnerability IS the source of an unshakable internal strength?  What if being vulnerable actually makes you invulnerable?  What if the thing you keep to yourself is actually the key that can unlock your truest self and your highest potential?

These are the “what if’s” I asked myself as I wrote my chapter for Pebbles in the Pond:  Transforming the World One Person at a Time.  There was something I was terrified to write about, and I knew that if I wrote it I might be judged and criticized.  I took the risk anyway and wrote the thing my heart kept asking me to write… the thing that would set me free.

I’ve shared my story with my close circle of Mastermind clients who are co-authoring Pebbles with me.  Even though I truly love these clients and they love me… I still felt a bit scared.  But, once I shared my story with them and received even MORE love, more gratitude, and more appreciation for who I am, I took a deep breath and relaxed.  Being vulnerable with them helped me feel invulnerable.  And the peace that took up residence within me since then has been a gift that keeps on giving.

Simply notice what’s coming up for you as you contemplate this concept… that being vulnerable IS being powerful.    Be willing to open to the possibility of becoming INvulnerable by walking through the door of vulnerability… whatever that door looks like for you.

My next step in this direction is to share my chapter with you, which I’ll be doing in my next newsletter.  Stay tuned…

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