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Turn Your Transformational Book Idea Into a Reality – I’ll Show You How to Write, Publish and Market Your Book In One Life-Changing Day

Transformational Author Experience 1 Day Virtual Event | October 30, 2021

Reserve a virtual seat (front row guaranteed 😉) with the world’s leading Transformational Author Coach and award-winning and best-selling publisher, Christine Kloser, and walk away with clarity, confidence, focus, inspiration… and, most importantly, a PLAN to get your life-changing book written, published AND marketed in the next 12 months.

What You’ll Experience During Our
Exciting Day Together…

  • ROvercome the frustration of not being able to “figure it out” so you can trust and ENJOY your writing journey
  • RThe “Ins and Outs” of publishing in today’s global market… and how to figure out what's best for you and your book
  • RA comprehensive all-in-one approach to ensure you cover every single base, and succeed in writing, publishing and marketing your book
  • RGain absolute clarity around why you’re the perfect person to write your book, even if you have ZERO writing experience

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“Without Christine and her team, my book would never have seen the light of day! Now, in my 80’s they helped me
publish two books. I am grateful for their always gracious presence and expertise, and for finally being able to reach
more people with my message.”

Jania Aebi

“The knowledge I gained in Christine’s training helped me not only complete my book but also land an agent and publisher, and made my book so good that it got lots of top-notch endorsements and catapulted my already successful business!”

Mark Langford

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