Paving Your Path for Transformation

We’ve all had our lives changed by reading someone’s book and I believe that your book has that same power. To do so, you first need to build the foundation of transformation on four levels:  1) learning to transform yourself 2) transforming your readers 3) transforming your business and 4) transforming the world. It’s true; when you step out, step up and step into your true powerful, authentic expression in the world, you will see how that transforms everything in your life, and the world around you.  But it all begins with the willingness to pave your path for transformation.

P1000098I had the opportunity to interview New York Times bestselling author and transformational leader Lisa Nichols on the topic of paving your transformational path.  And she shared with me a valuable lesson – that some gifts and come wrapped in sandpaper.   (This photo is of me, Lisa and her grandmother – taken in Maui.)

Lisa grew up in an area where she encountered two groups of gangs every day going to/from school.  She struggled academically because a classroom setting didn’t cater to her learning style (creative, kinesthetic, tactile), was told by an English teacher that she was the weakest writer she ever met, and a speech teacher recommended she never speak in public.  Now Lisa is a popular public speaker, participated in the self-development phenomenon, The Secret, has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Extra, Larry King Live and her book, No Matter What, hit six betseller lists.  She’s also coming back to speak at my 3rd Annual Transformational Author Experience this May!

What helped move Lisa from circumstances and a system that didn’t support her, to a place where she could step into her divine purpose?

In Lisa’s words, “If you think about some of the things that have inspired you to keep going the most, they weren’t covered with glittering gold and hearts and giving you the ‘warm fuzzies.’  Some of those things came wrapped in sandpaper!  Some of those things were difficult – and while it is disheartening that my educators would say such a thing, it became a challenge and at some point, it became my fuel. So, instead of having inspirational motivation, I had a little bit of ‘I’ll show you’ motivation.”

Life happens and you can’t always define every situation that occurs or control every outcome.  However, you CAN re-purpose the event for your greater good and learn from it.  You can allow it to refine and drive you, and become your fuel.  You cannot allow every (or any) situation where you failed or were hurt to become the reason to check out in life and give up on your path to enrichment.  Had I done that myself when I was broken and bankrupt, you certainly wouldn’t be reading this right now.  Rather, use it and find a way to be grateful for what it taught you.  I have and it’s transformed my life.

Lisa also shares, “That’s what I did. I put a placeholder in my life and I said, ‘Listen, this was the first 6 chapters of my life, but the next 6 chapters are blank sheets of paper and I hold the pen in my hand and either I can copy it and paste the old story into a new chapter or I can re-write or write for the first time a new experience. And that’s what I chose to do’.”

Lisa had teachers (albeit it unconscious ones) in her younger years that provided the words and actions that she used as her fuel.  What I want to encourage you to take away from this today is that YOU also have the power of choice in each moment to turn that difficult situation into fuel for your dreams.  When you make this choice, you truly do have the power and ability to transform your greatest challenges into your greatest joy and success!


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article.  Have you transformed a difficult situation into something good in your life?


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Christine Kloser

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