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4 years and 2 months ago during my first ever Transformational Author Experience®, I received an interesting email from someone listening to those calls. He had heard me mention my husband was in the hospital with a kidney stone and he wanted to help. He’s a gifted healer and felt he could do some good for him. Well, he and my husband talked, but something about this guy made me want to talk with him too!

Well, that guy was Ken W. Stone “The Soul Archaeologist.” He’s been ken-ck-outside-croppedworking with me both as my student and as one of my teachers/healers for 4 years! Ken was the first person who I ever had a distant healing session with where I could feel what he was doing thousands of miles away. It blew my mind and Ken and I have been traveling this journey together ever since, as true soul companions – clients, practitioners, and friends.

The reason why I’m sharing this with you is because next month, just before my own Transformational Author Breakthrough event, Ken is hosting his own 3-day retreat and if you’re not a Diamond member attending my event, you may want to join Ken!

His event is called The Soul Reunion Experience, and it’s being held September 14 – September 16, 2015 in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado.

To learn more about Ken’s Retreat, click here

There have been many wonderful and meaningful ways that Ken’s work has impacted my life over the last four years that I’ve worked with him.

Now with this retreat, you have an opportunity to experience what I’ve experienced – coming home to the Divine within my body. Ken calls it embodying your soul. And it’s just one of the many experiences he’ll be sharing with you during this retreat.

He’s put together a “no brainer” offer for his retreat (I can’t believe everything he’s including!). If I didn’t have my retreat the following week and an already busy travel schedule – I’d be in Colorado with you to be part of the Soul Reunion Experience.

Meet Ken, connect more deeply to who you really are, and begin remembering and experiencing your true Divine nature.

>>Click here to Learn more about Ken’s Retreat<<

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