[Weekend Reading] Introducing Shari and Pam

I’m so excited to bring you this October edition of my “Weekend Reading” series.

These authors – Shari and Pam – are amazing people I’ve coached and mentored… or have published through my publishing company, Capucia LLC.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover inside their books…

  • A Simple and Uplifting Way to Deepen Your Friendships
  • A Moving Memoir of Struggle, Hope and the Power of the Heart

Learn more about these great books below and be sure to order a copy of the books that spark your interest!

Happy reading…


The 50/50 Friendship Flow
By Shari Leid

We all have friendships that we have maintained over the years. But now more than ever it’s easy to lose connection with those who you care about—and the uncomfortable feeling of being disconnected from our friends is all too common. 

The 50/50 Friendship Flow offers a conscious path to not simply maintain friendships, but to deepen those relationships to support connection and bring joy and a sense of purpose to both of you

As you read the 50/50 Friendship Flow you will discover

  • That everyone you meet is both your teacher and your student
  • A feeling of wellbeing and happiness as you deepen your friendships
  • The power of the one-on-one meeting
  • The purpose and impact that each person brings into your life

The 50/50 Friendship Flow encourages each of us to give one another the gift of time. It reveals the power of sitting down one-on-one with a friend for the sole purpose of letting her know the positive impact that she has made in your life. 

Grab your copy here.


The Promise of Soul Love
By Pam Culley-McCullough

Three things defined Pam’s family growing up: alcoholism, inherited trauma, and secrets.  On the outside, her middle-class family appeared successful, happy and well-adjusted. On the inside, her father’s alcoholism, and the generational legacy of addiction, held everyone captive. 

For over thirty years the past would not be linked to the present until her father, after a near fatal intake of alcohol, chose sobriety. The family was then faced with forging a healing path through the emotional wreckage that remained.  

Miraculously, the search for truth brought love out of the shadows to shine light on her father’s long-held secret of childhood mistreatment and trauma.  

The challenges along the path brought many gifts, slowly inspiring the bravery to grow and bestow the kind of forgiveness revealed only in the presence of true courage. In a journey neither father nor daughter could have imagined, alcoholism became a masterful teacher. 

Yet their greatest teacher would come later as he lay dying from cancer. In a remarkable promise delivered just weeks before he died, an otherworldly presence told them death would not be their final separation. Their destiny to be together would continue into the afterlife, allowing for unprecedented healing. 

Pam’s story will touch your heart. It will encourage you to see that every challenge, no matter how devastating, holds the key to your own healing. You aren’t alone with your struggles. There is always hope. And always waiting to be discovered is the power of the heart to transform relationships. Love and healing know no boundaries, not even death.

Grab your copy here.



At one point these authors’ books were only a dream.  A distant yearning that someday they would become a published author.   And they did it!!   I’m so proud of them…

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