[Weekend Reading]  Introducing Dinah, Jordan, and Pamela

I’m so excited to bring you this February edition of my “Weekend Reading” series.

These authors – Dinah, Jordan, and Pamela – are amazing people I’ve coached and mentored… or have published through my publishing company, Capucia LLC.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover inside their books…

  • Have You Stopped Dreaming Because You Think It’s Too Late?
    In her book Daring to Dream Once Again, Dinah Lin shows that she is living proof  that it’s never too late…for anyone.
  • In his thought-provoking allegory, The Journey to Cloud Nine, Jordan Gross tells the story of what is, what was, what could have been, and what could still be.
  • Do you yearn for guilt-free time with family and friends without that nagging “to do” list in the back of your brain? Do you often push through fatigue to finish that one last “thing”, rather than listening to your body and taking a break? Do you always give 110 percent?
    If you answered yes to these questions, chances are you are a High Achieving Woman, and Learning to Dance with Life by Pamela Thompson is a guide for you!

Learn more about these great books below and be sure to order a copy of the books that spark your interest!

Happy reading…


Daring to Dream Once Again
By Dinah Lin

Now in her 70s, Dinah Lin has become a published author and begun a new career. Daring to Dream Once Again shares her amazing journey—spanning seven decades while living in six countries.  

Dinah narrowly escaped Communist China with her mom and siblings on the last boat leaving Shanghai in 1949. What was it like growing up in a small town in Ohio as the only Asian family?  How did she make the transition from housewife and social hostess to the senior executive levels in both corporate America and in Washington, D.C.?  

After reading Dinah’s book you’ll learn to look for the opportunities in your own challenges and crises; you’ll gain courage to listen to the wisdom of your heart, and you’ll be inspired to reach for your own dreams and to know it’s never too late!

Grab your copy here.

The Journey to Cloud Nine
By Jordan Gross

The Journey to Cloud Nine tells the story of Jerry, a traditionally successful yet unfulfilled man, who has isolated himself from the rest of the world by making decisions based on society’s definition of success, rather than his own. But, through a transformative expedition through the clouds, Jerry is able to relive the most pivotal moments of his life, traveling from cloud one, all the way to cloud nine—discovering the people, the positivity, and the principles he must now embrace to live the rest of his life on cloud nine. Jerry’s journey will encourage us all to:

  • Choose what if I do? rather than what if I do not?
  • Create a heaven-like experience while we’re still here on earth
  • Be grateful for what we have, rather than be dissatisfied with what we do not
  • Live according to our own definition of success, and nobody else’s

Grab your copy here.


Learning to Dance with Life
By Pamela Thompson

Wherever you are on your life journey, Pamela Thompson’s Learning to Dance with Life: A Guide for High Achieving Women,  provides proven strategies and powerful practices that enable you, as a High Achieving Woman, to reduce stress and create a healthy balanced life you will love. 

You will:

  • Discover some attributes of High Achieving Women
  • Explore the costs of constantly doing and giving
  • Design your own vision of work-life balance
  • Create a healthy balanced life that works for you
  • Learn proven practices to increase clarity, focus and inner contentment.  

This book also introduces the Creative Living concept and the seven elements and keys to integrating them into your life.

Grab your copy here.



At one point these authors’ books were only a dream.  A distant yearning that someday they would become a published author.   And they did it!!   I’m so proud of them…

I’m sure they’d appreciate reading your “props and kudos” so give them a shout out in the comments!

I’d love to hear your thoughts too… do you have a book inside you?

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