Discover How to Quickly and Easily Become a Best-Selling Transformational Author in 2023

Hi, I’m Christine Kloser and in the next few minutes I’m going to show you how to easily become a published best-selling transformational author this July 2023.

Even if you have little writing experience. Even if you have no mailing list. Even if you have only a few social media followers…

You can become a published best-selling transformational author in July of 2023.

Yes, I know that sounds too good to be true, but this is absolutely real, and as a multiple best-selling author myself, I know how to make this happen for you and that’s exactly what I’m here to talk about.

But before I get into the details, there’s something very important you need to know.

What I’m about to share with you is only being made available for 40 aspiring authors. Once those 40 people have put their hands up and reserved their spot, this very rare publishing opportunity will close down. I would love to make this available to hundreds of people – heck, I’d love to make this happen for everyone – but as you’re going to see in a moment, I actually don’t have a choice but to limit this to just 40 people.

And, not only that, I honestly have no idea how long it will be before this comes around again… if it comes around again.

So, my recommendation is that you take 10 minutes or so to watch this video now, so you can make an informed decision right away. If you leave it until tomorrow, this opportunity could be gone.

And I want you to know that I’ve created this especially for people like you. If you’re watching this video it’s because, at some point in the past you’ve indicated to me that you’re interested in being a published transformational author. That might be because you want to raise your professional profile, or grow your business…  but I think it’s more likely because you KNOW you have a message inside you that NEEDS to be shared on the pages of a book. Not just for your own sense of purpose and fulfillment, but also because of all the people you know you can help through your experience, through your wisdom, through your sharing something you know, that can make a big difference in people’s lives.

And I’d like you right now to take a moment and imagine how it will feel when THAT becomes a reality. When you can actually hold YOUR life-changing words in your hand. When you can read the glowing reviews on Amazon, and hear people talking about your book. Imagine going to your website or your social media profile and seeing “Best-selling author” on there.  That would be amazing, wouldn’t it? 

And, imagine getting emails and messages from people thanking you for the positive impact you had on them by reading your message in a book. I’ve experienced this, and I’ll tell you that this is one of the best parts of the whole “writing and publishing” journey.

But now that you’ve imagined that – and I hate to do this to you – but I want you to imagine what it’ll feel like if you don’t achieve this dream. It might be that you’ve dreamed of being a published author for years, maybe decades. And, I tell you, there’s a lot of frustration that builds up the longer your message stays stuck inside you. And that feeling isn’t going to go away, or get any easier on its own. The ONLY way to fill that void, and fulfill that calling, is to make it happen and finally become the published author you’ve always wanted to be.

So, just relax for a moment. Because first of all it isn’t really your fault that you haven’t done it yet. Developing, writing, producing and publishing a book takes time, energy and effort, and these are real obstacles. And also, the current state of life on planet earth is stretching us in new and different ways. There are so many pressures and distractions, and big challenges our world – and humanity – are experiencing. Life is moving faster than ever… and the ironic thing is that this speed and evolution has made publishing more accessible to everyone. But it has also made it feel as if we have less time to commit and focus on the things that are truly important.

That’s why this opportunity is so exciting to me, and, I believe, will also be exciting to you. Because it IS possible to achieve your dream of being a published author, without all the time, energy and effort it typically takes.

And this is possible because of the book you see here. This is my first  transformational anthology with chapters featuring 40 contributing authors. It’s called Inspiration to Realization.

Over the last 19 years I’ve published 16 of these anthologies, helping more than 500 aspiring authors easily share their stories, get published and impact lives around the world with their message.

I started in 2004 after being inspired by the success of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  And in every case I’ve achieved what I set out to do. And that’s helping aspiring authors who want to be published – who have something valuable to share and who want to have that credibility and status –  achieve all of those things, but be able to do so by writing a single chapter, instead of an entire book.

I also like to think of these anthology projects as a stepping stone.  Because once you’ve become a published author through a proven anthology publishing program like ours, you’ll have the knowledge, the experience and the confidence to also make your own PERSONAL book a reality too.

And I believe I’m absolutely the best person to make this happen for you too.

There are other people out there who publish anthologies, but what my team and I  have that they don’t – besides a PROVEN track record of nearly 2 decades of making these anthologies a success – is the life-changing, transformational process our authors experience as a result of our program. 

Because, for a start, unlike some companies, I’m not just churning lots of low quality anthologies out every year. In fact it’s been a year since we published the last one – which is a big part of how my team and I can ensure that the quality of the book – and every author’s experience –  is superior to other programs you’ll see out there.

And, equally important, is our commitment to publishing the highest-quality transformational books… and knowing how to make them a success. Not only have our books received prestigious awards like the Nautilus Award – which has also been given to authors like Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden and Jennifer Louden.  But, I’ve also personally written and contributed to two dozen books and I’m a best-selling author with Amazon Top 100, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal

I’ve been featured in the New York Times, Entrepreneur magazine, the LA Times, Fox and Forbes. I know how to produce and market a book, and I know how to position it to give it the best possible chance of being a bestseller while impacting lives around the world.

And, In 2023 I’m going ALL OUT again to make our next anthology massive success (like our most recent one that was a #1 bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon), and if you are one of the 40 people who join this project, you are going to enjoy the ride with us for the ENTIRE journey.

Because this isn’t just about reserving a spot in our anthology. This is about transforming yourself, growing your confidence, impacting people with your message, connecting with a powerful like-minded community of authors, and becoming part of a real publishing EXPERIENCE.

Let me share how it works.

If you are one of the 40 people who join this project as a contributing author, you will be given space in the book for your 1500-word inspirational chapter and a 75-word bio.  But – and this is a huge but – you will not be left on your own to figure out what you’re going to share in your chapter or how to find the time to write it.

When you reserve your spot in this program, you are signing up for a unique and powerful  publishing experience. 

Remember, I’ve already done 16 of these over the last 19 years, and I’ve found the most effective way for everyone involved to get the most out of the experience is to take everyone through a system that all but guarantees YOUR chapter will be the best it can possibly be. You WON’T be left on your own to muddle through anything.

We’re going to hold your hand throughout the entire process AND let you watch and observe every step so you can enjoy yourself while you learn how the publishing process works.

If you are one of the 40, you’ll start on February 7th by joining us for a “kick-off call”. This is an opportunity for all contributing authors to meet our team, and get to know each other. We’ll also do a Q&A session at that time to make sure everyone is clear and comfortable with how this program works.

Downloadable Workbook with Author Planning Guide

After that, we’ll be scheduling a 6-hour virtual writing retreat later in February, where all the authors will gather with me and my coaching and support team to start – and finish – writing your chapter in one day.  If you’ve never experienced one of our virtual writing retreats before you are going to be amazed by the creative energy that is produced when a group of committed, inspired authors get together. And as I mentioned, I’ll be there with my team to coach you along the way so you can have CLARITY and CONFIDENCE that your chapter will be your absolute best work.

After that, we’ll jump on a monthly call, every month until the book is successfully launched this summer… so you can see the work that is being done behind the scenes to put all this together. You’re going to learn about the editing process, the design process – how the cover and the formatting all comes together – and perhaps most importantly the marketing process. You’ll see exactly what it takes to make a book a best-seller and what we do to get the book featured in major media outlets.  

It’s an amazing ride and you will have a front seat for the entire journey.

And that journey starts here because you are invited to join us in Volume 2 of our best-selling series titled… 

Turning Point Moments: True Inspirational Stories About Creating a Life that Works for You 

We’ll coach you to write a chapter about one of YOUR turning point moments, when you made a decision, and everything changed for the better in ways you couldn’t possibly have predicted. I swear I can already hear the ideas sprouting in your brain. Maybe you instantly, what your chapter is going to  be about, and the story you want to tell.

It might be about a health challenge you faced. Or, It could be about the exciting job you accepted, or the difficult job you left.  The toxic relationship you ended. The “thing” you said no to that changed everything.  Or the thing you said “YES” to that changed everything.  Maybe starting your own business, changing careers, moving across the country or out of the country?  Or beginning a wellness journey that transformed your mental, emotional, spiritual or physical health. I can’t wait to hear and publish YOUR story.

This anthology is going to be a powerful book that will transform people’s lives. It’s going to change YOUR life, IF one of the chapters is yours, and it’s also going to change the lives of everyone who reads it. And if my previous anthologies are anything to go by, a LOT of people are going to read this book and a LOT of people are going to read your chapter.

And that’s when things are going to start shifting for you. This is not just a book on your shelf that you can point to and show your friends and family. That part is fantastic, but once you have “published best-selling author” after your name doors start to open that you didn’t even know were there.

We all know that publishing a book is the short-cut to positioning yourself as an authority. We literally have the expression, “So-and-so wrote the book on… X, Y, Z.” It means they’re a recognized expert. They’re a leader in their field.

Well, if publishing a book is a shortcut to authority, think of this as the short cut to the short cut.

You’re going to enjoy the excitement of seeing the book launch, watching the reviews come in, the feeling of accomplishment… but after that… you have a platform that can help things happen that literally would not have been possible before. Social media engagement, speaking opportunities, business opportunities, media appearances…

But instead of having to find the time to commit to writing an entire book, all you have to do is commit to attending a single 6-hour virtual writing retreat, to get your chapter done.

Let me give you a little taste. Here are some of the comments from people who have participated in my previous anthologies.

Downloadable Workbook with Author Planning Guide

Like Dr. Rose from Malaysia who said this,

Before joining the anthology program I felt so alone, but now I feel like I’m part of a powerful legacy of love and positive impact.  Doing this helped me believe in myself and what I’m here to do.”

Downloadable Workbook with Author Planning Guide

Or Sandra Longmore who said…

“So many things have fallen into place since I said yes to sharing my story and writing my chapter!  It’s changed my life, it’s connected me with a powerful community of like-minded people.  And it gave me the confidence to share my message far and wide.”

Downloadable Workbook with Author Planning Guide

Or Mary Jo Briggs… who said,

“It was a little scary to invest in it, but the benefits I received were absolutely priceless and exactly what I needed to transform my life in ways I never dreamed possible.”

I could share a lot of these stories, but I’ve posted more below on this page…because it’s time to get to the exciting details on how to participate. At this point you’re probably eager to know what the fee is going to be if you want to be one of the 40 contributing authors in my next book. And of course there has to be a fee. Producing and designing a book of this caliber, as well as developing the marketing campaign, promotional collateral and publicity outreach requires a lot of time, energy and money by myself and my team of publishing and marketing experts… because we are  going to take care of all of that stuff for you. 

But it’s going to be much less than you may be thinking, if you have any idea what it costs to publish your own book with us. (Which is nearly $20,000). And there’s a couple of reasons for this. First, though, let me address who this program is for and who this program ISN’T for. Because although we’re opening this offer to the first 40 aspiring authors who reserve their spot – we’re not interviewing authors or anything like that.  And that’s why it’s important to me and to you, that you don’t commit yourself to something that isn’t right for both of us.

So, becoming a contributor to this anthology is right for you if…

  • ZYou have a personal story inside you that you just KNOW other people can benefit from.
  • ZYou’d love to become a published best-selling author this Summer.
  • ZYou can submit your 1500-word chapter by the February 28th submission deadline. (And you may even have it done at the end of our virtual writing retreat in mid-February!)
  • ZYou can commit 90-minutes per month between March and August to attend the monthly program calls (or listen to the recordings of those calls)
  • ZYou are open to having your chapter professionally edited to ensure it is the best possible chapter it can be for you, and our book.

That last one is really important because I want this group of 40 contributing authors to really care about this project and be passionate about making it the best anthology people have ever seen. My team and I are going to be putting our heart and soul into this project, and we want our contributors on board for that level of excellence too.

But becoming a contributor to this anthology is NOT for you if…

  • QYou have any hesitation or think you could back out after joining. (again we need you fully committed to this project… because we are fully committing to YOU.)
  • QYou want instant fame and fortune as soon as the book is out.

This second point is critical because while we’ve had previous anthology contributors go on to be featured on major TV shows, grow million-dollar businesses, and secure traditional publishing deals for their own book… these things have more to do with how the authors LEVERAGED the success of the anthology over time, than just the fact that they were in it.  So, no one should participate thinking that this is a shortcut to overnight fame and fortune.   

You know there’s a saying that “it takes 20 years to experience overnight success.” And for you, being part of this project will be a life-changing stepping stone in your success journey.  

So, if you’re one of the first 40 aspiring authors to say yes… it’s time to get excited about the possibilities… while also understanding that it’s an evolving process.  

If that sounds fair, let’s talk about what this anthology program includes – because there’s a ton of support that comes with it… AND 4 valuable bonuses that ALONE are worth the fee to join.  

So, ask yourself, first of all, what is this opportunity worth to you? 

I invite you to grab a pen and write down what comes to mind… What is this opportunity worth to you, not just in terms of what you get now and over the next six months, but what kind of long-term return of investment and fulfillment could you see? 

For example, I’ve no doubt that some of the people who contribute a chapter to this book, will eventually turn that chapter into an entire book. If that’s your desire, what is that worth to you?  

Maybe your goal is to try, over the next year or two, to secure a traditional book deal. That’s a powerful ambition, but if that’s the goal you’ve set yourself, ask yourself what contributing to this book will be worth to you… if it gets you closer to that goal.

Are you going to leverage your new status of best-selling author into more growth in your business? Again, what is that going to be worth?

Perhaps you have no business plan and this is about fulfilling a personal goal and leaving your legacy. To be able to hold this anthology in your hand and say, I… Did… This…

Well in some ways that’s harder to put a price on, but think about it anyway.

What is this opportunity worth to you?

And think too about how this is going to impact YOUR 2023. There are all sorts of things that may or may not happen this year. But when you become a contributing author to Turning Point Moments, you are guaranteeing that at least one amazing thing is going to happen to you in 2023. And after the challenges of this year and the last couple of years, ask yourself what it will mean to you to have something like THIS happen for you next year.

Okay, so let’s get into the full details…

First and foremost…

Your Chapter And Bio

You will be one of only 40 people to have your 1500-word inspirational chapter featured in the book, and all the joys and benefits that come with that. The typical cost of something like this depends on the prestige of the publisher and how effective they’ve proven themselves to be at creating success and status for their authors. 

As we’ve already discussed,I’ve helped more than 500 people become published authors. I’m also a bestselling author myself, who has been featured on television, newspapers and podcasts. My Select mentoring program is $75K a year to coach high-level experts on the writing, publishing and marketing journey…  so with all humility I believe I can reasonably say that this program is one of the top opportunities of its kind that you’ll find. 

It’s hard to put a value on it , but let’s take 10% of that higher end for a value of $7,500. That ISN’T the fee to join, but that is, I think, a fair reflection of what this program is worth.

But your chapter and 75-word bio is just the foundation of this offer, because you also get…

6-Hour Virtual Writing Retreat

That’s almost a full working day with me and my team to support you to write the best possible chapter you can. We’re leaving nothing to chance. We’re going to make sure you have everything you need to create a chapter you will be proud of and get it done!  

A virtual writing retreat like this, in a small group, with personal attention on your message, is easily worth $1000.

6-Months of Group Calls

And, as I mentioned earlier, we’re also going to get on a call every month, from March to August for 90-minutes, to give you coaching and insight into the book production, publishing and marketing process. These calls will not only prepare you for the launch of OUR anthology but also for your OWN book should you choose to write and publish one. Many webinars can easily run up to $200, so these six live group training calls have a $1,200 value.

25 Copies of Turning Point Moments

Selling, signing and sharing copies of your book with friends, family, clients and neighbors is one of the great joys of being published. So we’ll give you 25 print copies to get you started. We won’t decide on the retail price until later, but assuming it’s around $20, this bonus has a $500 value.  And you’ll be able to purchase additional copies, if needed, at cost.

Social Media and Email Promotion

And, naturally you’ll want to promote your book through your social media platforms and email so to help you along we’re going to hire a professional copywriter to create email copy to share, and social media swipes you can post… so all you have to do is copy and paste. A professional copywriter can easily charge as much as $1,000 a day for this type of work.

Custom Book Business or Post Card Design

For every one of our contributing authors, we’re going to create a personalized business card or postcard design – you choose the one you want – containing YOUR details, details of the book, and that wonderful title “Contributing Author”.   Since every author may not use these marketing tools, we’ll provide everyone with print-ready design files… so you can send it to your favorite printer and get as many cards as you like. If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry, we can put you in touch with one. It’s actually very inexpensive to get the cards printed. The real cost is the design work which we’re going to cover for you. This has a $300 value.

Media Credibility and Best-Seller Graphics

We’ll also provide you with graphics like best-seller status images and Media Logos (As seen on…)

This is a big one. When we hit best-seller status we’ll get screenshots of the book in those top positions as you saw above on this page from Volume 1), and we’ll share those graphics with you to use as you wish.   Then, after we publish and secure our first bunch of rave reviews, as you can see below from Volume 1), we’ll turn our attention to getting the anthology featured in the media. We have the connections and we know how to position the book to give it the best chance of reaching more people. And every time we experience a win and get the book more visibility, we’ll send you the logo of the media outlet for you to add to your website and/or social profiles. PR firms typically charge $5,000/month for this kind of service, with no guarantee of success.  But we’re going to do this for Turning Point Moments Volume 2 and share the proof with you!

Video Book Trailer

And finally, we will provide you with a video book trailer to share on social media, your website, Amazon author page and anywhere else you want. These book videos help reach more people, sell more books and impact more lives with your message. These can run as much as $1000 to be done well… but this is something we also provide for you in the anthology publishing program. 

So, let’s put this all together!

Here’s a recap of everything you get…

  • RYour Chapter And Bio
  • R6-Hour Virtual Writing Retreat
  • R6 Monthly Group Calls
  • R25 Copies of the book
  • RProfessionally Written Email Copy and Social Media Posts
  • RCustom Business Card or Postcard Design
  • RPublicity and Media Logos (As seen on…)
  • RVideo Book Trailer

That’s a total of $17,500 in real value.  But obviously you’re not going to pay anywhere close to that. In fact, you’re not even going to pay a quarter of that.

For other transformational anthology programs I’ve created over the year, the fee has been as much as $12,500. With inflation we could easily price this now as something closer to $15,000 – considering everything we include in this program for you. 

But given the state of our world, and the pressing need for more Turning Point Moments stories- because humanity is in one right now and people need your story, hope, and wisdom  – we wanted to price this as fairly as we possibly could, while also remaining in financial integrity as a business. A project of this scope and high quality has very high costs associated with it.

Initially, we were thinking of just keeping the price the same. But here’s the thing… because the writing retreat is virtual versus in-person like we’ve done in the past, and we’ve perfected our process and built a top-notch team, we’re able to save a lot… and we’re happy to pass along that savings to you.  

Which means I can make this entire anthology publishing program, available to you, today, for just five payments of $899.

That’s it!  You  get everything in this program, AND you accomplish your dream of becoming a best-selling published author this year! That would feel amazing, wouldn’t it? 

And if you’re the type of person who likes to save money, you can even save $500 by making just one payment of $3997. 

Plus, no matter if you do the payments, or save by paying in full, it’s likely you can write off the entire fee as a tax-deduction. Just check with your CPA to be sure.  

And as if that’s not already an incredible offer for ANYONE who wants to guarantee they become a published author this Summer… I haven’t even told you about the FOUR BONUSES yet.  

I’m so excited to share these now… 

Bonus #1:  Get Your Book Done – Lifetime Online Membership

First, if you secure one of these 40 spots available, you will also receive a complimentary lifetime membership to my award-winning Get Your Book Done online program. This is exactly what you need if you’re considering turning your chapter, some day, into your own full-length book. The Get Your Book Done Program shows you exactly how to turn your full book idea into a completed manuscript ready to publish.  Everything you need is in this course.   You get LIFETIME access so you can use it whenever the time is right!   This program sells for $997.

Bonus #2:  $2,000 publishing credit

Next, this is the one I think is really powerful. If, after becoming an author in Turning Point Moments, you’re inspired to write and publish your OWN book, you will get a $2,000 credit to apply toward our solo book publishing program through our award-winning and best-selling publishing company, Capucia. Every single thing you need from editing, design, publishing and marketing are included in this program for your own book. So this, of course, is a real $2,000 value. (Applicable for new 2023 clients.)  

Bonus #3:  21 Ways to Market Your Book

If you’ve ever been stuck when it comes to how to market a book… this bonus is for you. In it, I show you  21 ways to market your book so you can pick and choose the marketing strategies and tactics that feel right for you. Book marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, and this bonus will show you how it can be easy, fun and even feel good!!  You can use this to further market your chapter in the anthology, or for your own book down the road! This course sells for $497.

Bonus #4:  21 Ways to Make Money as an Author

And finally, this 3-part video training will show you how to make an extra $1000, or extra $100,000 with your message. It shares strategies for people just starting out and those who already have a solid business and want to leverage authorship to grow both in impact and income. No matter where you are on your income journey, you’ll find a strategy that’s right for you.  This course also sells for $497.

And, all 4 of these bonuses valued at $3991 are yours for FREE when you secure your spot in the Turning Point Moments anthology program.

No credits will be given for bonuses you may already have.
However all bonuses can be transferred to a family member, client, colleague or friend. 

Downloadable Workbook with Author Planning Guide

If you are looking for structure, accountability and support in getting your story out and fulfilling a dream of using the written word to uplift others, then this is the program for you. Highly professional and skilled. You will be supported, and your story honored as you work with the team at Capucia Publishing.”

Mary Zozaya

The results from working with Christine in this book were far more than anticipated. The knowledge I have gained in such a short amount of time has helped me gain the confidence to continue my journey as a published author.”

Maria Cuccia

Downloadable Workbook with Author Planning Guide
Downloadable Workbook with Author Planning Guide

The anthology team was so encouraging, helpful and caring. I felt truly seen and understood and was able to fulfill my dream of becoming a published author.  Everything was professionally handled with deep care and respect. And now I’ve gained the confidence to write my own book.”

Elizabeth Grace


So to recap once more, you get…

  • ZYour Chapter And Bio
  • Z6-Hour Virtual Writing Retreat
  • Z6 Monthly Group Calls
  • Z25 Copies of the book
  • ZProfessionally Written Email Copy and Social Media Posts for Our Launch
  • ZCustom Business Card or Postcard Design
  • ZPublicity and Media Logos (As seen on…)
  • ZVideo Book Trailer

Plus the 4 bonuses…

  • ZLifetime access to the Get Your Book Done online program
  • Z$2000 credit for our Capucia publishing program for your own book
  • Z21 Ways to Market Your Book Training
  • Z21 Ways to Make Money as an Author Training

That’s a total value of $21,491 to support your best-selling author journey this year… and beyond!

Downloadable Workbook with Author Planning Guide

“I had always resisted the thought of calling myself an author, but being a part of the anthology gave me the confidence to call myself an author and be proud of it.  I am so grateful for being a part of this book and impacting people with my message.”

Brigit Charandura Gooden

“This experience was inspiring and transformational.  It has been a dream of mine since I was 10 years old to become an author… but it wasn’t until this anthology with Christine that I finally made that dream, and so many more, now possible.” 

Linda Crawford

Downloadable Workbook with Author Planning Guide
Downloadable Workbook with Author Planning Guide

“Christine delivered far more than I expected.  The connection with the other authors and the connection I built with myself by going through this process are truly incredible.  I challenge any aspiring author to go for it because you’ll experience more than you dreamed possible.”

Callie Kares

Remember, this offer is being sent out to thousands of people who, just like you, have a burning desire to become a published author in 2023.  But unless we’re going to create a book the size of the entire Harry Potter series, we have to limit the number of contributors. Which is why we’re only opening 40 spots for transformational authors to contribute their story.  We want to make sure this is the best possible experience for everyone who participates, so we simply can’t do any more than 40.   

So, go ahead, right now and click the button below to reserve your spot.  Then just choose your preferred payment option on the form to lock in your spot.

If the Order button is gone that means, unfortunately, all the chapters have been filled with authors already. But if you can get through and make your first – or full – payment, do you know what it means? It means you are in. It means you are one of the lucky 40 who are going to enjoy an incredible publishing experience this coming year. 

At the end of it all, you are going to have a book that you can hold in your hand, with your story and message in it! 

It’s exciting to think about, isn’t it?  

Don’t let anyone tell you that this is an anthology so it doesn’t count. It absolutely counts. Virtually everyone who publishes their own full book, starts out by being published in a journal, blog, magazine or an ANTHOLOGY. This is a huge step in that journey. It’s a huge step in YOUR journey.

And keep in mind that when you reserve your spot, you become one of  the small percentage of aspiring authors with the vision, passion and commitment  to seize this moment with every cell of your being.

You know, a survey in the United States found that 87% of people polled believed they have a book inside them, and yet fewer than 1% ever get it done. Today is the day when you start down that path and become part of that small group, that very small group, who becomes a published author. A best-selling author, in fact.

Depending on when you received the message about this invitation and how much time passed before you visited this page, there may only be a few spots remaining. So please don’t wait any longer. 

Click the button below and reserve your spot now. 

Once you’ve done that, you can sit back and relax, because we will guide you through the entire process one step at a time.  We’ve got your back! 

Once you secure your spot, we’ll be in touch to confirm your chapter and give you the details for that first Kick Off call on Feb 8th.

But nothing will happen unless you click the button, choose your preferred payment option, and reserve your spot in this very special anthology that’s going to make waves of positive change this Summer!  

Thank you so much for being here. I hope to see you on our first call on February 7th.  I can’t wait to celebrate the successful launch of our book… and your chapter in Turning Point Moments!

Meet Your Publisher
Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser is a transformational author coach, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, and award-winning publisher.

Her companies help successful professionals, experts and leaders fulfill their calling to write and publish a book that transforms lives in a powerful and permanent way… starting with their own.

She is the founder of the Get Your Book Done® program, CEO of Capucia Publishing, and creator of the Transformational Author Experience®, with trainings that have impacted more than 80,000 people in 127 countries. Christine has been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Los Angeles Times, and FOX, and has shared or hosted stages with the biggest names in the transformational author world like Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Seth Godin, Gay Hendricks, Lisa Nichols and dozens more.

A transformational event facilitator since 1997, and author coach and publisher since 2003, Christine inspires writers through her proven programs and trainings – delivering an authentic and refreshing approach to a crowded and often confusing author space.

Christine Kloser
Downloadable Workbook with Author Planning Guide

“I struggled until the last moment to take this step, but I knew at a deep level I needed to be in Christine’s anthology.  If you feel called to share your story, I encourage you to ‘just do it’ like I did.  It’s a life-changing opportunity for anyone who wants to be an author.”

Jeff Saxton

“It was incredibly valuable to pinpoint the core of my message, and what was important to me.  I found my message through writing my chapter, and I’m so grateful for being able to share it on the pages of our best-selling book.”

Katrine Legg Hauger

Downloadable Workbook with Author Planning Guide
Downloadable Workbook with Author Planning Guide

“Contributing to Christine’s Pebbles in the Pond anthology reawakened my soul and prodded me to write again.  The whole process helped me remember who I am and who I’m meant to become.  Writing my chapter gave me the conviction to share my truth with the world.” 

Gemma Aguilar



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