Time for Renewal

It is springtime as I’m writing this, and after a long, cold winter here in York, Pennsylvania, I get to look out my window and see that the grass is turning green… the brown is almost gone! It seems just days ago the daffodils and iris were beginning to push up through the cold earth. Now, the plants are bursting forth so fast you can practically watch them grow! And the trees are beginning to show new life as well… It’s stunning!

It’s a time of new beginnings, a time of rebirth and renewal. Spring is such a magnificent and joyful time of year for me, because of all the flowering colors sprouting up everywhere. The springtime blossoms are a way to see a tremendous, powerful, amazing, life-changing lesson, and that is that the universe is a friendly universe. How else can that dingy, dry little bulb that you pick up at your garden shop explode into a beautiful, colorful flower? The earth is simply bursting at the seams in colors and vibrancy.

So, as I witness the earth transforming and birthing anew once again… I want to check in with you. What are you birthing this spring? What will burst forth from the depths of you? Will you transform into something new this spring? Will you finally show all your beautiful prismatic colors to the world and share YOUR beauty?

Imagine if flowers didn’t do what they were naturally born to do. What if a rose tried to be a tulip, or a tulip tried to be a rose, or a tomato tried to be a cantaloupe, or a strawberry tried to be a pear tree – it’s just an impossibility; a strawberry is meant to be a strawberry; a rose is meant to be a rose; a daffodil is meant to be a daffodil – each fulfilling its own unique expression.

The difference for us as humans is that we sometimes forget that the universe is for us and always working for our highest good. The daffodil doesn’t forget. It just knows the sun is going to shine. It just knows the rain is going to come. It just knows that its little sprout will come out of the bulb every spring. It just knows. It doesn’t doubt.

But we see things and hear things that cause us to lose that faith and simply forget. We forget that just like the flower, we, too, are in a guaranteed process of beautiful blooming.

A plant doesn’t stop growing when it hits a rock, does it? It grows around the rock, or maybe the rock is small enough that it just keeps growing upward and pushes the rock aside. That’s your process, too. There are times the rain doesn’t come when you really want it to, or there might be a rock that shows up that you weren’t expecting.

But that sprout doesn’t ever take those bumps in the road as reasons to stop believing or stop doing what it was born to do or being what it was born to be or expressing what it was born to express. It waits for the water. It takes a different route around the rock. It pushes through that crack in the sidewalk. Because it knows all it can do is express, all it can do is grow, all it can do is move forward into its full expression, and nothing is going to stop it.

So, I invite you to be like those springtime blossoms. Don’t let anything that gets in your path stop you from your own personal transformation this spring. Find your way around it, so nothing gets in the way of your own rebirth.


Please comment below and let me know what’s birthing anew for you this spring? I’d love to hear from you. Thank you!

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Christine Kloser

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