The Author Paradox

How are you? No seriously… are you doing OK?


Because I’m going to share a crazy idea with you…


And if you’re not in the mood for some mental gymnastics, you might want to skip this blog.


You see, I’ve been thinking about how one becomes a transformational author a lot lately.


Maybe it’s because I’m on vacation and I’m relaxed enough to do some deep thinking…


But it’s a good question to ask, isn’t it?


I mean, after all, most aspiring authors (and even published authors) have Imposter Syndrome. They don’t feel like they deserve to be called “authors” yet.


They’re seeking validation from awards, media attention, book sales, bestseller status or royalties. Something, anything.


But if you need that to feel like you deserve to be called an “author”… you might never get there. And if you’re wracked with such self-doubt you might never end up writing any words at all!


So for the past few months, I’ve been toying with the idea of what I’m calling:


The Author Paradox


It’s a concept that’s a little loopy… literally.


But once you understand and grasp it… I think you’ll make tremendous strides in your author’s journey.


OK – are you sitting down? Are you ready?


Here’s the Author Paradox:


IN ORDER TO BECOME A TRANSFORMATIONAL AUTHOR — that is, write a book, or several books, that will transform lives… YOU MUST BE A TRANSFORMATIONAL AUTHOR – FIRST.


Let me repeat that without the aside:




Do you see the paradox here?


It’s like the chicken or the egg. Which came first?


It’s like when you apply for your first job. They want job experience. But how can you get “experience” if you’ve never had a job in the first place?


In order to become, you must already be.


But here’s the good news – this is a paradox that every author can work with..


Because, you see…


You can “already be” when you’re powered by faith, commitment and courage.


Here’s the deal: a lot of people say they want to be an author. Some of them even write down their goals, do visualization exercises and read affirmations.


But none of those really work. Not without transformation first.


You have to truly believe you are already a transformational author before you can become one.


This means exploring exactly what that means.


This means understanding what the role is, all the landmarks and signposts and pitfalls.


This means knowing, deep inside you are one… and you know how you want to affect others, your business and the world.


This means… being the embodiment of a Transformational Author before you can become one.


And all this takes faith, commitment and courage.


That is the Author Paradox.


Now, some may argue that’s like “fake it until you make it”. It’s close, but not exactly…


Because you see, it’s more like “believe, commit and act as if you already are… before your book is done.”


It sounds crazy, doesn’t it?


BUT — Guess what?


You may already be doing it.


I’m serious!


If you’ve been faithfully following my work… if you’ve invested in any of my courses, consulting or attended any of my events…


If you’ve done the exercises I’ve given you… if you’ve completed your Transformation Quadrant… if you’ve listed out how you’ll affect all four quadrants with your book…


You’ve already begun to destroy old outdated beliefs, and embrace a “new” you.


By doing this work with intent, faith and commitment…


You’ve catalyzed your transformation in ways  you can’t begin to imagine. Ways, that years from now… you’ll look back on as the crucial moments when you stepped forward into your new role.


And herein lies the power (and confusion) of the Author Paradox.


You have to accept that… you have to be before you become


As you may have noticed by now…


The process of believing and being before you become… that’s hard work.


It’s a weird combination of faith, action and courage.


And one of the best ways to set yourself firmly on this path is to…


Get yourself out of your daily routine… your regular context…


And put yourself in a new (but safe) situation where…


You can fully grasp The Author Paradox…


Surrounded by other like-minded individuals who “get” you  (other authors).


And that’s what exactly what my 3-Day Live Breakthrough event is all about.


It’s about you BEING a transformational author!  


Now — a few days ago, I messaged you with a very special “summer break” discount.


It lasts the entire duration of my vacation in the Shenandoah Valley until August 19th, 2018.


I hope you take advantage of it.


You can register for Breakthrough and get $700 off (using coupon code VACA-700) here.


I’d love to see you there and spend these three powerful days helping you get the breakthrough you need to achieve your author goals and dreams.

But I can’t help if you’re not there…

Save your seat here.

About the Author

Christine Kloser

Christine’s book writing programs have served more than 90,000 people in 127 countries.  She’s also published 650+ transformational authors and has been on the Top 100 Amazon, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-seller lists herself. She is the Founder and CEO of Get Your Book Done and Capucia Publishing.

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