Saying No to Fear

Today I’m leaving for San Francisco where I’ll be attending one event and speaking at another. No matter how many times I get up in front of an audience, there’s always a tiny bit of fear that creeps in. I’m sure you all have experienced that. Even with something you do all the time, be it in your work, your personal life, wherever….there’s a bit of fear that can come over us.

So where does the fear that grips us come from? Much of it comes from what we heard growing up. “Be careful; you might get hurt.” “You can’t do that.” “What are people going to think?” “Who do you think you are; don’t be so boastful.” “Nobody likes a know-it-all.” This is the kind of programming that many of us heard. Or perhaps we heard nothing and that left an impression. It came in as many different flavors as there are people reading this article.

But just because others said these things when you were younger doesn’t mean they’re true. Those were other people’s words. And because no one was reminding you that those words didn’t belong to you – and you COULD do anything you wanted to – they felt real.

Part of being a transformational author or soulful messenger is not letting anything or anyone stop you. What you put your mind to, what you put your heart to, you can do. You can’t be too proud or boastful when you’re doing what you’re born to do – when you’re sharing your gifts and expressing who you are. But no one told you this back then. The only thing you likely knew was to accept those voices and those fears as true.

So when you got older you unconsciously told yourself the same things: “I can’t do that; I’m not good enough.” “What are people going to think of me?” “Who do I think I am?”

But you are here right now in this moment to break those cycles.
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Right now is the time to work through any pattern of fear so you can share your message. Those fears do not need to stop you – because they’re not even yours.

Too many people are walking around thinking fear is their truth – and not seeing the miracles and blessings, not hearing the stories of great successes and achievements and people overcoming obstacles to do the most amazing things. It’s a big shift to open your eyes and fully see and experience this astonishingly friendly, loving, supportive world, but when you do you’ll feel the safety and love from WITHIN you more completely. Then, you can’t help but be creative, follow your dreams and bring more love and blessings to the world.

When you let go of those doubts and fears, the whole universe opens up to you… you can see things you’ve never noticed before and be the fully expressed person you were born to be!

When we came into this world, we made a soul agreement that upon arrival we would forget we are absolutely, divinely perfect. Its part of the human condition we come in with. When your soul chose you and chose your journey, it also chose to forget those things, and that left spaces open for the “human-based” fear to come in. But now, you can let go of those fears and be reminded of the deepest of truths… that you are perfect exactly as you are.

So, I’m going to remember this when I get on the stage in San Francisco. I’m going to remember that I am there doing what I am meant to do, fulfilling my soul’s purpose. And I wish the same for you wherever and whatever you may be doing today, tomorrow and always.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you work through your fear when it shows up. Please leave a comment below…

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