My Pole Dancing Adventure + Three Writing Tips Learned

My Pole Dancing Adventure + Three Writing Tips Learned

Last night I did something crazy to ring in my 52nd birthday today….

I organized a private pole dancing class at the S-Factor studio in New York for myself and my friend, plus 30 other women I’ve never met before.  (They were from the seminar I’m attending.)

We were all a little nervous and timid at first to let loose and get a little outrageous together.  (Especially me since I was the instigator of this adventure!)

But as you can see from this photo, I managed to stretch out of my comfort zone, get my groove on and learn some new moves and a few fun tricks.

During the class I couldn’t help but think of you, my community (not in a weird way)…

Rather, in a way that I kept seeing parallels between my pole dancing adventure and the amazing adventure of writing a transformational book.

So below I share 3 tips from last night that relate to writing…

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Three Writing Tips From My Pole-Dancing Class

1)  Trust The Process

Pole dancing is nerve racking.  Especially when doing it with a group of strangers.   So last night as I hopped in the Uber with my friend Pattie, I wondered if I was an idiot for doing this.

Would I embarrass myself?  What would people think of me?   What if I hurt my already compromised body?  What if I was too reserved to let go and have fun?   On and on my fears and doubts went.

But then I took a few deep breaths and remembered what I teach every single one of my clients, and am teaching you again here…

You must trust the process!

Getting out of your comfort zone in anything you do -including writing – requires you to keep putting one foot in front of the other, even if  you don’t have a clear sense of the final destination.

In order to keep making progress, you must TRUST the process (assuming that you have a process you are following to write).

Be okay with not having a clear picture of “the end” or exactly how you’ll get there.  This is something I re-learned last night in class and something that’s critical for writing your book.  TRUST!

2)  Ask For Help

There’s not a chance in the world I would have ever done what I did last night without the help of a safe, nurturing, capable, gifted teacher who knew exactly how to guide me to do things I was scared and nervous to try.

Same goes for you and writing your book.   While there may be a degree of pride in being a “lone ranger” and writing a book on your own…

I assure you, you’ll go further faster when you ask for help!

With a trusted guide (like me) to navigate you through the many questions and tough places that show up as you write… you never have to feel alone, stuck, isolated or frustrated that you don’t know what to do.

Do not get trapped in “lone ranger syndrome” because, just like for me last night… it’s a heck of a lot easier and absolutely more fun when you’re supported!

3)  Just Do It
There was one move last night that I felt particularly nervous to try.  I was scared it might further injure my neck/shoulder and I could feel myself holding back.

Yet, I could also feel myself SO wanting to just take the leap of faith and do it…. which would require me to first, trust the process and second, ask for help!

I’m happy to say I took the leap and DID IT!    It was scary, but I did the move successfully and I was surprised at how easy and comfortable it felt.   Far more comfortable that standing on the sideline holding back.

This is so true for authors.   To many people (perhaps you) have sat on the sidelines for years or decades thinking about writing a book, dreaming about the day they’d be a published author, imaging themselves writing… all while sitting on the sideline and not DOING IT!

Keeping yourself in that holding pattern is painful.   It’s uncomfortable.  It’s restrictive.

So, my advice to you with this lesson is to DO IT.  To make the commitment, to try something a bit scary and do that thing you YEARN to do.   If I could do it last night on the pole with all my trepidation of re-injury, I know you can do it with your book!

I’d love to hear your comments on my adventure and these tips below.  I read every single one of them!  Thank you.

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