076: Alyssa Patmos – Overcoming Perfectionist Behaviors When You Write

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Podcast

One of the biggest reasons why aspiring authors don’t get their books written, published and into the hands of readers is because of their perfectionistic tendencies. Of course we want our book to be the best it can possibly be, but there’s a fine line between making sure it’s good… and trying to make it “perfect.” During this episode, my guest Alyssa Patmos, and I discuss ways to help authors release their perfectionistic behaviors and allow their words to flow on the page and into the world. If you keep working on your book striving for “perfection” this episode is a must!!

Tune in and listen to Christine and Alyssa discuss:

  • How to identify and release perfectionistic tendencies
  • How to write a lot more, a lot faster
  • How to use the stories you tell yourself to inspire creativity
  • How to let go and let the words flow  
  • And so much more!

About Alyssa Patmos:
Alyssa Patmos is obsessed with how the stories we tell ourselves to determine what we create for ourselves. She writes, makes art, coaches inside her transformational membership, and trains people in the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She helps people release their emotional baggage to unlock more of who they really are and deepen their relationship with joy. She believes all of the answers you need are inside you, you likely just need some guidance finding them and bringing them to the surface. She’s been featured in Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, and the Systems Saved Me Podcast. Oh, and she’s published in a kid’s poetry book for a contest she won in Middle School. When she’s not working, you can usually find her on a walk or in the kitchen whipping up a delicious dinner (with an empty peanut butter cup wrapper nearby). Who says dessert can’t come before dinner?

Connect with Alyssa Patmos:
Becoming Unshakeable: A Meditation for Wiring Your Success
Facebook: Alyssa Patmos
Instagram: @alyssapatmos

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