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I was overwhelmed by the response to two photos I posted on Facebook of my recent home office makeover.  In the post I shared how for the past five years (since I went through bankruptcy and foreclosure) I had been running my business at a used $20 broken down desk. And, that it was about time I gave my office a makeover!

I was surprised at how many people didn’t comment on the photos, but rather they commented that they didn’t know I experienced those challenges… and were grateful to be reminded of their own possibility.

Back in those bankruptcy days, it would have been easy to “give up”… and let that experience define me and dictate the rest of my life. It was painful, humiliating. And yes there were days every cell of my being wanted to give up. But I didn’t… my soul wouldn’t let me.

I know the desperation of wanting to throw in the towel. The fear, doubt, confusion, and worry that sets in during those times. And, I can’t help but be reminded of Gerry Gavin’s story… now a two-time Hay House author and Hay House Radio host.

Gerry Gavin

Gerry Gavin

When he signed up for my Transformational Author Experience® several years ago, I didn’t know it at the time, but he was on the verge of giving up on his book. He had read what he wrote and deemed it horrible, unpublishable and ready to be trashed, forever. Asking himself, “Who would ever read this?”

Well, his soul wouldn’t let him give up either. It nudged him to connect with me and my training…which gave him hope, guidance, instruction, know-how and confidence to face his book again. And face it he did!

He reworked it, self-published, and was quickly picked up for a traditional publishing contract with Hay House for his book, “Messages from Margaret.” He has since gone on to host his own Hay House Radio show, and now his second book was recently released.

Imagine how different his life would be if he had given up… and didn’t pay attention to the nudges his soul gave him to sign up for TAE, and get back to writing. (Not to mention all the lives that wouldn’t be impacted by his powerful work.)

The same is true for you. Your soul landed on this planet, in your body, at this time for a REASON! And if you “give up” (like Gerry and I almost did) you may never find and fulfill your soul’s purpose.

So, I hope you’ll truly receive this gentle reminder to never give up on YOUR dreams… the impossible is possible when you keep putting one foot in front of the other on your soul’s journey.

I encourage you to read more about Gerry’s story and how he went from the verge of throwing in the towel on his book, to where he is now as a two-time Hay House published author and Hay angelbookHouse Radio host. He writes about it in his new book “If You Could Talk to an Angel”.

In this book, he asked leading luminaries like Arielle Ford, Kris Carr, John Holland, Sonia Choquette, Mike Dooley, Colette Baron-Reid, Anita Moorjani and myself to provide him with questions we would want to ask an angel. The answers – from his angel Margaret – are powerful, insightful, humorous, and life-changing. Be sure to grab the book here, and read my question so you can see what I would ask an angel, and also be inspired by Gerry’s “never give up” story!


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Christine Kloser

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