078: Neil Gordon – How to Become a Movement Maker

Most transformational authors write their books because they want to make an impact, they want to help people live their best lives… they want to create a movement based on their message.   The keys to creating a movement are passion, purpose… and persistence.  In this episode we’re talking about how to do that – and keep going – no matter what circumstances or challenges you have faced along the way.  Join us to learn what you can do to become a movement maker and how your book plays a part in that journey.  

Tune in and listen to Christine and Neil discuss:

  • How the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the perfect example of a successful movement – and what made it so impactful…
  • How authorship can be a critical part of creating a movement…
  • The first question publishers ask to determine if your book will be a hit… 
  • And so much more! 

About Neil Gordon:

Neil Gordon helps experts become the face of a movement. He works with executives, influencers, and thought leaders and has helped them get six-figure book advances, be seen on shows like Ellen and Dr. Oz, and double their speaking fees. Prior to becoming a communications expert, he worked on the editorial staff of Penguin Random House where he worked with New York Times bestselling authors. He has been featured on Forbes, Fortune, Inc.com., and NBC Palm Springs, and is a VIP contributor for Entrepreneur.

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About the Author

Christine Kloser

Christine’s book writing programs have served more than 90,000 people in 127 countries.  She’s also published 650+ transformational authors and has been on the Top 100 Amazon, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-seller lists herself. She is the Founder and CEO of Get Your Book Done and Capucia Publishing.

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