My Leap of Faith

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This feels like one of those articles where I don’t know where to begin. There are so many angles I could take, so many pieces of my life and my recent leap of faith that I can share. So, I will close my eyes and take a few breaths as I open to receiving the best place to begin.

OK… I’ll begin here.

Nearly five years ago I was at what I thought was the “pinnacle” of my career. The supposedly picture perfect moment I’d strived for – for so long. It had all the external fixings of “success” and my friends and colleagues were quite “impressed” with what I’d accomplished and how easy it seemed.

If you know my journey, you know that this “picture perfect” moment was the beginning of the most challenging time of my life – when I lost my home, my livelihood, a business partnership, my sense of self… everything (except my faith and family, thank you God.)

One of the greatest gifts in all of this was realizing how misaligned I was with my soul’s true calling. It was painful to see at the time, but it set me on a magnificent (and rigorous) path of discovering what my soul’s purpose is and how I can serve others with my gifts.

Now, I’m at another crossroads of sorts, asking deeper questions of my soul, seeking more powerful and effective ways to impact many more lives.

But, I’m in a quandary…

Here’s the bind I’m in. After doing everything “right” and experiencing “success” those five years ago – then spiraling down until nearly everything was gone – I rebelled against anything that “smelled” like what I’d yearned for before… keeping up with other leaders in this space, glamour, prestige, money for money’s sake, and all of the tactics, strategies and tools involved in getting those things.

So, I threw out all of the “formulas,” did nearly everything unscripted, let my heart lead me, and have rebuilt a purposeful, passionate and profitable business. Sounds good, right? Except here’s the thing I’ve been struggling with lately.

In working with my new Director of Visibility and Impact, I’ve begun to get a sense of the thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands or even millions of people that I have not yet reached (those I know I can help) because I’ve shunned anything that sounded like tactics or strategy. I’ve taken pride of my “fly by the seat of my pants” approach.

In my deep desire to be totally authentic, present and “real” with you (and everyone I serve), I’ve not been doing many of the things necessary to help me bring my authenticity, presence and love to MORE people, to transform more lives. (For example, I don’t do much to build my list 11 months of the year, I hardly use video, I rarely do affiliate or JV marketing outside of my TAE in May, etc.)

So, I feel like I’m straddling this bridge… and stretching my own comfort zone as I’m called to do BOTH! To remain in total integrity and alignment with my true authentic self and my heart, while implementing some tactics and strategy that will to help me reach a much larger audience.

Is this making sense? (I feel like a pendulum swinging back into balance,)

The bottom line is that I’m scared that if I “go big” again – will I (this time around) be able to stand in 100% truth, authenticity and alignment with my heart and soul? As I write that I get a resounding “yes” in the core of my being, of course I can. However…

I “failed” so miserably the last time, there’s still some old “stuff” to be cleared.

But, here’s the deal…

I’m taking my next leap of faith anyway!

My soul has been pressing on me for a while to stop playing small, and begin to do what I need to do (both internally within myself, and externally in the world) to have a more impactful presence on the planet.

I’m scared yes. And my Director of Visibility and Impact has had the patience and understanding of a saint, as I walk this line, trust my guidance and together explore how I truly can do both! Be tactical, strategic and as authentic, real, vulnerable and loving as I’ve ever been!

This is the faith journey I’m on right now. And, I feel blessed to be on it with you. I will share everything I learn, as I have a feeling many of my readers would love to do this, too.

I believe the Universe is calling all of us, to shine our lights even brighter, to grow our communities of impact around the world, do what we were born to do, and fill this planet and every living being on it with the gifts of truth, consciousness, and unconditional love – in our own unique way.

So, I’m “all in” with this next scary and exhilarating leap.

I’m really excited for early January, when I’ll be taking my first public step out of the comfortable box I’ve been in the past years to expand my presence and impact. So, keep your eyes out for some new stuff from me… I’m doing it all in service to you, and everyone on the planet who has a yearning to discover their soul’s true gifts, share them with others, and enjoy an abundant and blessed life doing what they love!


I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this article. Can you relate? Is there a leap of faith you’re taking, or almost ready to take? What bridge are you straddling? Please let me know by commenting below…


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