Loving Yourself First

Valentine’s Day is only a few short days away. Who will be your Valentine this year? Maybe your spouse, your significant other, a child, a best friend? These are all people that can be our Valentines, right? People that are important to us, who make a difference in our lives. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about romantic love. It’s a beautiful day to celebrate love. But, there’s one person I bet you are forgetting this year. A person you should be loving above all others every day….not just on Valentine’s Day. Can you guess who that person is? YOU! You are the most important thing in your life.

Self-love is the most important, fundamental love of all, isn’t it? If we don’t love and respect ourselves, how is anybody else going to love us? We can’t accept the love of others unless we extend our love to ourselves, first and foremost. Now, I know that for some this may be a difficult thing to do. We all feel like we’re not enough or we can’t do anything right at times. We all look in the mirror some days and doubt that we are a gift to the world. Maybe we think we’re not smart enough, not good enough, not thin enough….all sorts of things. We are WAY too hard on ourselves.

We are all beautiful and wounded at the same time. And it’s time to stop loving the beautiful part of ourselves and judging or condemning the wounded parts. If we can love ALL of ourselves…if we can be gentle and loving even to those dark parts that exist inside all of us….THAT is when we can truly be the most powerful force for love in the world. It’s easy to accept those light-filled parts, right? But what about that dark, shadowy side? That part is equally as important – and as much as a part of you as the “light” part. It is the entirety of who you – are and your acceptance of that whole person – that will allow you to make the biggest difference in your world.

We are truly no good to anyone around us if we are constantly beating ourselves up. Believe me, I know this all too well. I’ve walked this walk. And I see the powerful shift that happens when we embrace who we truly are and love each and every part of our being. There is no need to be so hard on yourself. You are doing the best you can, making a difference, and are on your own individual journey of personal and professional growth.

Practice easing up on yourself, forgiving yourself, loving yourself and I promise you it will free up so much more space inside you for good, positive things to flow.

Self-love is so incredibly healing. Give yourself the Valentine’s Day gift of self-love. Let go of those feelings that you aren’t good enough or can’t do anything right. Love yourself through whatever situation you are in right now. You deserve it.


I’d love to hear from you about this topic of self-love. Comment on this article and let me know how you’re doing with this in your own life. Thanks a bunch!

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Christine Kloser

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