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Guest Article by: By Kathy Juline, RScP
Excerpted from Science of Mind Magazine
June 26, 2014

How often we hear the word “Love” spoken.  This versatile word, which we utter many times each day, ranges in meaning from a feeling of fondness to the greatest spiritual truth ever taught.  We cherish love as one of our highest values and devote our life to becoming a more loving person.  Yet even as we cultivate our capacity to love, in our innermost being we know that love is already who we are.  We sense that it is our essence, the sublime expression of the Divinity within each of us.

But though we experience, give and recognize love, it remains for some of us an unfathomable mystery.  We may wonder, “What is love, really?”love-small

To better comprehend the nature of this supreme form of Divine Energy, consider the letters of the alphabet that spell “LOVE.”  These letters in their graphic form evoke the essence and nature of love.

“L” – represents the stream of “Life” ever pouring Itself into and becoming the ground of human activity, impelling it forward.

“O” –symbolized the “Omnipresence” of this Divine Energy as it encircles and includes all in its embrace.

“V” – pictures the intimate descent into each one of us of the Divine Essence, imparting Itself to us as we allow ourselves to be centers of Divine Activity.

“E” – depicts the act of sharing and “Extending” outwardly toward others the Love that is our true essence.


Kathy Juline is dedicated to applying the healing and transformational principles of the Science of Mind in her work as a licensed practitioner, writer and spiritual teacher.

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