Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy

At the end of 1976…


Reggae legends Rita and Bob Marley fled Jamaica…


And escaped to the Bahamas for a month-long rest.


It was something they both desperately needed.




They had just survived an assassination attempt.


Bob Marley has always been known to stand up for his beliefs…


Whether it was political, religious or the global cosmic love we all shared as one, single human race.


And just weeks before, he had played a free concert in support of a politician he believed in.


The opposition didn’t like that.


And even with a bullet lodged in his bicep…


He went up on stage two days after the incident… and performed.


That’s conviction.


That’s also “showing up” in every sense of the phrase.


When asked why he did it, he said…


“The people who are trying to make this world worse aren’t taking a day off. How can I?”


Let that sink in for a moment.


Later, I’ll bring it back to what this means to be an author…


And defending your dreams.




Earlier this year…


Carrie (my Operations Director) and I were in the Bahamas vacationing and strategizing the future of our business.


Where were we now?


Where did we want to go next?


How can we deliver more value to our authors?


As a coach for transformational authors…


These getaways I have with my partner-in-crime are super important to us.


We know that when we coach someone from idea to book to publication…


We are helping them, and every single reader they touch… transform their world.


We don’t take our strategy sessions lightly.


We also like to have fun.


So this time around…


We went somewhere a little… different.


We were in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas.


And it was here that we stumbled upon a former governor’s mansion.


It was beautiful.


Oceanfront property. Lush gardens. A true haven for rest and recovery.


Imagine our surprise when we discovered…


Four decades ago, Rita and Bob Marley had felt the exact same way…


After their harrowing experience…


And had purchased this exact property Carrie and I were gaping at.


It would become a second home for the Marley family.


They would vacation there with their children, then grandchildren… and great-grandchildren.


In fact, just two years ago…


Rita Marley held her 70th birthday there along with her entire family.


I kid you not —


It was called the “Soul Shakedown Party”.


It’s a sweet and powerful story.


You can read about it here.






In 2004, Rita Marley renovated the mansion and decided to share her sanctuary with the world.


She turned it into a resort.


Carrie and I fell in love with the place… as had Rita and Bob Marley decades ago.


And when we discovered it was a resort open to the public…


Carrie and I immediately gave each other a knowing look that said:


“We have to book this place for our 2019 My Time to Write exotic retreat.”


Whether you enjoy reggae music or not… whether you’re a fan of Rita and Bob Marley or not…


I think you’ll agree. This place is stunning:






So here’s what I’d like to do…


I’d like to invite you to come to the Bahamas with us for six-night in 2019.


And in this quiet heaven on Earth, in a private writers group…


We’ll work on your book together.


You may have heard of this private writers group I have called My Time to Write.


It’s a small tight-knit group of writers who call each other their “second family”.


Together, we’ve written and published thousands of words, and celebrated multiple book launches.


We spend at least a full year together.


We see each other in person up to five times a year and virtually up to four times a month.


I think having a “second family” of like-minded writers, and the support of a coach like me, is one of the quickest ways to accelerate your author success.


Writers (aspiring, published or professional)… all share similarities.


And when you get them together on a retreat…


They immediately “get” each other.


And that’s the power of My Time to Write, my exclusive writer’s group.


You can review the detail here:






It’s not for everyone.


You do need to apply.


But if it’s a fit and you get one of the are accepted for one of the four spots remaining right now, I promise it’ll transform your book dreams into reality!  And you’ll have a blast doing it.


As I said…


Every year, we have five physical writing retreats.


Four in Pennsylvania and one at an exotic location (like the Bahamas).


We also touch base via group coaching calls, virtual writing retreats and via email to keep you on track with your writing.


If the idea of escaping to a beach resort like Marley’s Beach House in the Bahamas appeals to you…


You should check out all the details of My Time to Write here:




Oh, and I should make sure you know that the My Time to Write fee includes all six nights of luxury accommodations in Nassau, along with your meals and ground transport from the Nassau airport!  






P.S. A book is a legacy.


Wouldn’t you want to celebrate it on your 70th birthday as Rita had when she gathered her entire family together to celebrate her life?


Wouldn’t you want to stand up for your convictions — that you have a message you need the world to hear — and write your book about it?


I know you do.


Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my stuff.


You have a dream inside you that you need to defend.


Tell me about your dream below.


P.P.S. Just a heads up —


We are only accepting four new members to My Time to Write at this time.


At Breakthrough 2018, I offered attendees a bonus 1-hour VIP consultation with me, a $1000 ticket to Breakthrough 2019, an email promotion to my list when their book is published,   a 30-minute private kick-off cll with me and… a free spa treatment at the Natural Mystic Spa at Marley Resort.


You were not able to join us at Breakthrough 2018… but I’d like to extend you this offer as well.


When you join My Time to Write…


You’ll also get the Breakthrough Bonuses mentioned above.


This is only for the four new members who apply by 11:59 PM on Monday, October 29th.


Get more details for My Time to Write here:



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