Healing Your Past… Creating Your Future

There I was… sitting in a circle on Friday night with Brian Whetten as we hosted a VIP evening of laser coaching for four of my TAE Diamond clients who were attending Brian’s event. It was a powerful gathering where the sacred space we created together allowed for miracles to unfold – with ease and grace.

After the evening ended I told Brian I could do that all day, every day. Sitting in circle, creating a safe space where breakthroughs and miracles occur is one of my greatest joys, and one of my greatest gifts. But the interesting thing was we weren’t talking about books or writing or anything having to do with publishing. We were talking about BUSINESS… conscious business.

This was very interesting because I have avoided talking, teaching and coaching on this topic for the past four years. I’ve been avoiding it because of the terrible experience I had with a “conscious” business coach I hired in 2008 that was anything BUT conscious. I was also avoiding it because of the challenging experience I had when I put myself out there as a high-end conscious business coach.

Those high-end clients wanted me to give them the nitty gritty “step by step” formula for making lots of money fast – and I had little interest or desire to coach on that topic. It’s not why God put me on the planet. I’m clear about that.

However, as the tears flowed this past Friday night and my clients got “a-ha” after “a-ha” I began to feel like I still have value to offer to those people who want to grow a business, and do so from a strong spiritual foundation, in a conscious way. I tell you, only a good friend like Brian could get me to talk about this topic again!! (I think he knew intuitively that it was time for me to stop avoiding it.)

So, I’m feeling the emotions stirred as I had put a tightly sealed lid on coaching people in this particular area – business. Now it feels like the vacuum seal on that lid has been “popped” and the lid is opening. And right now I have no idea what this means, how it looks, what I’m supposed to do with this insight, etc.

Yet, as I look ahead at the impact I feel I’m here to have, I know I need to heal this piece from the past in order to create the future of my dreams. Anything from the past that we tuck away in a “closet” will resurface if it’s not healed. Thanks to Brian seeing the wisdom I have in this area, and caring about me enough to lovingly call me out on it – it’s up at the surface for healing.

So, I can’t help but wonder if you’ve also tucked something away hoping it would just go away forever like I did. If so, now may be the right time for you to notice what’s there waiting to call YOU out… to call you into wholeness, into your true authentic power as you heal the past.

The amazing future that lies ahead for you (and me) is one that requires our conscious co-creation. We weren’t put here on Earth at this time to only go part of the way; to be awake in certain areas and asleep in others. We are here to bring our full selves, our full consciousness into the future.

Bringing my full self into the future means discovering a way to integrate my past experience – and wisdom – in the area of conscious business; and in doing so, upping my level of consciousness in every area of my life. I’m looking forward to the journey.

And I hope that sharing what’s stirring for me right now has helped you also see something in your life that may be stirring. Just remember, that the stirring is a stirring of the soul. It’s a nudge toward even more wholeness and more “life” to be brought forward through you. Keep breathing and enjoy the journey.


I’d love to know your thoughts on this article and hear what’s “stirring” for you. Please post your comments below.

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Christine Kloser

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