Giving Birth to your Message

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Even though autumn is in the air and the trees are nearly naked in my area, I continue to be blessed with seeing things birthing all over the place.  Whether it’s a book, business, event, program, relationship, vision, website, etc… birth is in the air!

So, I felt it would be the perfect time to share some wisdom for giving birth to your message.

First, birth is messy!  Just think about the mess that’s involved when bringing a baby into the world.  I won’t get into the details here, but you can envision it is not a neat, clean, tidy and orderly experience.  It’s messy, primal, thrilling and scary all at the same time.

Why then, do many people expect the birthing process of a project, business, idea, team, etc. to come wrapped in a box with a pretty bow on top?  Here are some tips to help you with whatever you are birthing now…

It’s a Process

Birthing anything is a process.  A baby gestates for 9 months and morphs from a few cells into a fully functioning being.  The project, book, business, etc. that you are birthing is also a process.  Don’t expect everything to be done overnight and look exactly like you think it “should.”  Often times as the birth is unfolding, it looks nothing like what you envisioned.  Yet, something is happening and the birth is occurring.  Allow the process to unfold because fighting it won’t do any good.

Be Flexible

I learned the gift of flexibility in the birthing process when my planned water birth in our living room turned into a Cesarean birth in the hospital!  That experience rocked my world.  After feeling devastated by what was unfolding, I surrendered to it and ended up having what I refer to as the best hospital birth anyone could ask for!  It would not have been that way if I wasn’t willing to be flexible and adjust to this new course.  The same goes for you in your birthing process… be flexible!  Realize that where you begin may be very different than where you finish.  Go with the flow and good will come!

Trust What’s Happening

In the moments where you’re feeling a “melt down” coming on because things don’t look like you think they ought to… TRUST what is happening and surrender to it.  Fighting what’s happening or holding onto a certain way that isn’t working just causes more pain and suffering… and delay in the birthing process!  So, the moment you feel scared or lost, remember to take a breath and trust.  The spaciousness you create with that moment of awareness has the power to change everything!


When you do give birth to your message – in whatever form it shows up – remember to celebrate!  You worked hard to write that book, you let go of control when planning your event, you surrendered your will when creating a new program, you trusted the process when you gave that talk, etc.  Don’t let your great accomplishment, transformation and growth go unnoticed.  Celebrate YOU… because you just gave birth!

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