I’m Fed Up.  Here’s Why…

I’m Fed Up.  Here’s Why…

A few days ago, I had yet another coaching call with a client who told me about a wounding experience with her previous book coach.


I listened with every cell of my being as she explained how she felt forgotten as soon as this guy had her money.


How she was being pressured to write HER book according to HIS pre-determined formula.


How he confused her with another woman in the program.


How he publicly berated a fellow student.


And worst of all how she never even talked to him directly, just his “team of experts” or through a public social media platform.




For an investment of nearly $20,000 (which is what she paid) an author deserves a whole hell of a lot more than that!!


For that kind of money, a client deserves to feel like they are the only person in the world writing a book – that their unique experiences, challenges, stories and journey truly matter to the coach…


That the coach is there for them through every twist and turn, every success and setback,  every smile and tear along the way of birthing your BEST book.


Not just “a” book that gets cranked through some writing factory…


But THE book that is a unique extension, expression and embodiment of the author’s wisdom, knowledge, and most importantly… ESSENCE.


Essence is the singular most important factor when writing your transformational book… the DNA – or soul – of your book.


Nail that and the book writing is easy.


Try to “microwave” essence or fit your round peg into someone else’s square hole and it’s heartbreaking… wounding.


Like my client who walked away from that nearly $20,000 book writing program… with no refund and no book.


Thankfully she walked into my arms and into the sacred sanctuary that I and my entire team create and honor for those we are blessed to serve on their writing journey.


Yes, a sacred sanctuary…


A cocoon of love, acceptance, compassion, truth, guidance, tough questions and relentless commitment to authors having a LIFE-CHANGING, JOYFUL and EMPOWERING experience writing their book.


Which is the exact opposite of what happened to another client of mine who had a book coach (who she paid $10,000) tell her she should reconsider writing a book about well-being… because nobody would take her seriously since she was slightly overweight.


That is messed up!


And why I’m totally freakin’ fed up with the state of the author industry.


Pardon my language… but I hear so much shit like this that I just can’t ignore it anymore.


There is an epidemic of snake-oil salesmen (and women), that are preying on people’s hopes and dreams…


Enticing them to part with their money…


Yet, without a care in the world for WHO that person truly is…


WHAT they are healing and liberating through their book writing journey…


HOW they can be BEST served to share their TRUE message and birth it in the world…


WHY the author is inspired to write in the first place.


So, I am making a commitment to you to be more vocal about what it really takes to write a great book – and be willing to ruffle some feathers along the way.


Ruffling feathers is not something I like to do.  I was that middle child who always tried to keep peace no matter what.




Something about this conversation – the second one of its kind within 24 hours with two of my amazing, gifted, beautifully unique clients –  flipped a switch in me.


So, stay tuned as I begin to turn up the volume of my own true voice, and bring some much-needed clarity, healing and hope to people around the world who know they have a message to share, want to liberate it (and themselves through the process), and don’t want to get burned, wounded, shamed or dismissed in the process.


The best is yet to come from me, FIRST NAME!


I’m fed up and fired up and excited to bring you along on this journey.


Struck a chord?  Have something to say about this?  Comment below…


Big hugs and lots of love…




PS – After writing all of this I hemmed and hawed about adding this PS because I don’t want you to think what I wrote was fabricated in any way for an end purpose.   It wasn’t.  It was raw, real, unedited, straight from my heart to yours.


Yet, I am hosting a webinar this Thursday for my colleague Jesse Krieger’s community of authors.


And after writing everything above, I felt nudged to invite you as well…


It will be like a breath of fresh air for you and your book.


On it I’ll be teaching the most powerful author’s tool I’ve developed to date.


If you don’t know about it, you must!  It will become the “north star” for your book.


The tool is called the Transformation Quadrant®.


It’s a quick, simple, clarity and focus-inducing tool that helps you blueprint your book in as little as fifteen minutes.


I taught this at my recent Breakthrough event, and everyone had huge light bulbs go off as a result.


No pressure to join.


But if you want to get your book written and do it in a way that is RIGHT for you, with a coach who CARES about you… this is very likely the last time I’ll host the training this year.


You can join me here.

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