Divine Synchronicity

There is an invisible unseen presence all around you that is constantly conspiring for your highest good.  Sometimes it unfolds as a big “knock in the head” to wake you up to something you haven’t been able to see for yourself… yet. (Ouch!)  Other times, these events unfold with ease, grace and JOY!

To help you notice and appreciate the easy, graceful and joyous Divine Synchronicities, I’m going to share a few that happened to me this past week.  These types of things are occurring for you, too… let’s open your eyes even more to see them!!

This past weekend I hopped on a train to New York City to go to the Hay House Ignite Conference.  One of the reasons I went was to personally meet the CEO and President of Hay House, Reid Tracy… before I interview him again for the Transformational Author Experience this May.

First thing in the morning after I got my name badge, I went to say “hi” to Sandy Powell, the President of Hay House’s Balboa Press (one of my sponsors).  After chatting a bit I asked her if she had seen Reid yet.  She said, “no.”  Then, within 2 minutes, up walks Reid – and Sandy was able to officially introduce us.  We had a nice chat and I walked away looking up and saying, “thank you!”  The timing couldn’t have been better.

Then, the next day after hearing about 18 speakers, I was reflecting on the common theme of the conference… LOVE!  While there may have been 18 different voices, there was truly only one message.  Of course!  Because I had just worked with my spiritual healer before I left for NYC and it’s clear that my journey of self-love is taking a deep dive right now… in preparation for me to be even more of a presence of love in the world!

So, I’m walking home from lunch, smiling and giggling out loud thanking God for placing me at this conference where I could hear the message of love over and over again.  I got it!  The next thing I know I look down on the sidewalk and there is a big red satin HEART (the top of a Valentine candy box) right there where I was walking.  I cracked up even louder, looked up again and offered a more robust “thank you!”  The message of love was clearly on the sidewalk in New York!

This final story is about being on the other end of the synchronicity, and helping a miracle happen for someone else.  Another person I wanted to meet in NYC was Gabrielle Bernstein… I just adore her!  So, I bought her book, “May Cause Miracles”  and waited in the signing line to see her and say hello in person (we’d been emailing back and forth about something recently).

Christine and GabbyI show up at the front of line and she’s coughing a lot. She was recovering from a cold/flu and mustered her strength to come deliver a great talk!  I remembered tossing some cough drops in my bag before I got on the train.  So, before I even said hello, I asked her if she’d like a cough drop.  She lit up and thanked me a ton for offering her one… that she really needed it.  After we chatted a bit and I snapped this photo (she looks great for just getting over a cold!), I asked her if she wanted one more for safe keeping.  She gratefully said yes, and I walked away again with a smile on my face, looking up and saying “thank you.”  Thank you that I could create a little miracle in her life.

I could go on and on about more synchronicities that happened, but I think you ge the picture by now.

I invite you to look at the events of your own life this week, and increase your awareness of these little, yet powerful, miracles, gifts and blessings.  You can train your eyes and heart so see them all the time… no matter what’s going on around you!  My wish is that you live a miracle-filled life!


Please post a comment below and share a blessing/miracle that you’ve seen in your life recently…. I’d love to hear about it!


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