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“After struggling for 20 years to get my transformational book done, with Christine’s help it’s finally done.”
????????“Using Christine’s Get Your Book Done system enabled me to complete my first draft almost effortlessly, in less than two months, while balancing demanding work and family commitments. After agonizing over the same project for 20 years, it’s really satisfying to finally see my finished work available in the Amazon Kindle Store!

Christine has literally helped transform my life. Not only does her system work, she has a deep understanding of the challenges that writers face. The writing process has given me improved clarity on the transformational truths that under-pin my work as a Trainer and Coach. Getting my book done has boosted both my confidence and ability to reach a wider audience with my message. I help others to develop their potential, engage in personal transformation and connect with purpose. Being published opens so many doors to the fulfillment of this goal.

Renew-Your-MindMy book, “RENEW your Mind” contains the 4 Biblical Keys to Transform your Life. It includes powerful principles and practices, backed by over 90 scriptural quotes, to help you on your journey.”

Jacques Soine
South Africa
Author, “RENEW your Mind”

About the Author

Christine Kloser

Since 2004, Christine Kloser has trained nearly 70,000 entrepreneurs, leaders and authors to write their transformational books through her popular programs, Get Your Book Done®, the Transformational Author Experience®, Breakthrough LIVE, and the My Time to Write® mentorship program. She is well recognized as the leader of the transformational author movement, and is gifted at helping her clients feel seen, heard, valued and understood in ways that transform their lives, books and businesses. 


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