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My Christmas secret…

There's something I do every Christmas season that's a little secret I wanted to share with you today. My hope is in sharing this video, it inspires you to create your own "holiday secret." Enjoy!


How to Handle “Information Indigestion”

How to Handle “Information Indigestion”

I had a blast working in person with some of my amazing clients last week at one of my Transformational Writing Retreats. It’s difficult to put into words the power of these gatherings… and the shifts, results and experiences everyone has, to make amazing progress in...

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My Pole Dancing Adventure + Three Writing Tips Learned

My Pole Dancing Adventure + Three Writing Tips Learned Last night I did something crazy to ring in my 52nd birthday today…. I organized a private pole dancing class at the S-Factor studio in New York for myself and my friend, plus 30 other women I’ve never met...

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Getting Uncomfortable

Getting Uncomfortable My 52nd birthday is this Sunday and I’m doing something way outside of my comfort zone to ring in this next birth year…   I’m sharing this, and being a little vulnerable, in hopes it inspires you to join me in getting outside of your comfort...

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Does Best-Seller Status Really Matter Anymore?

Does Best-Seller Status Really Matter Anymore? There’s so much hype out three about becoming a best-selling author.  It’s in your face every single day. Either someone is promising you can become a best-seller in 90 days, or even in less than a day… without writing a...

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I’m Fed Up.  Here’s Why…

I'm Fed Up.  Here's Why... A few days ago, I had yet another coaching call with a client who told me about a wounding experience with her previous book coach.   I listened with every cell of my being as she explained how she felt forgotten as soon as this guy had...

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Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy At the end of 1976...   Reggae legends Rita and Bob Marley fled Jamaica...   And escaped to the Bahamas for a month-long rest.   It was something they both desperately needed.   Why?   They had just survived an assassination...

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