Announcing “Resilient Heart” by Gail Saunders

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Feature Article

Grab your copy of Resilient Heart by Gail Saunders

Congratulations to Gail Saunders on the release of her book, Resilient Heart! We are so excited and honored to be part of the journey in getting her book done.


In Resilient Heart®, international bestselling author Gail Saunders
shares her wealth of experience, hope, wisdom, and love from her heart so that readers can find the answers they are seeking to survive the trauma of grief.

Through reading Resilient Heart® you will learn how to:

  • Navigate grief with knowledge, practical tips, and compassionate RESILIENT HEART_ebook-smallguidance
  • Alleviate the raw pain of your amplified emotions and difficult thoughts
  • Heal by expressing and honoring your loss and your loved one
  • Empower yourself by taking action to get out of the abyss
  • Find your way again and piece yourself and your life back together
  • Live wholeheartedly, not merely going through the motions

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In Resilient Heart®, Gail Saunders shares tools of dealing with grief.  Perhaps, in dealing with your own grief, you’ve found a particular tool that has worked for you.  Please share what you’ve done that has helped you below in the comments.  Thank you!


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