Accessing Your Authentic Message – Part 2

I’m excited to continue this series on Accessing Your Authentic Message!  Why?  Because the power of authentic presence and authentically shared messages has the ability to heal and transform lives… and impact the world.

Too often, I see writers get stuck trying to model what they’ve seen other authors do.  Sometimes they even try to use someone else’s message and just tweak it a bit to fit their own personal style.

This is not authentic expression; and in my opinion, it’s downright damaging to not shine YOUR unique light in the world.

There’s never been a time when our world has needed your light, love, wisdom, expertise, lessons, guidance, knowledge and inspiration.   It’s “GO” time for accessing your authentic message.

So, here’s the next concept I want to share with you to help you access yours!

Connect With Your Heart

One thing I can tell you after 8 years of working with authors to excavate their true message is that it does NOT reside in your head.

If you ever sit down and try to figure out your authentic message from some kind of mental process, you are likely to miss it all together.  Your thinking may come up with great ideas; it’s good at that.  Yet, it will not provide you with access to your deepest, most powerful, light-shining message!

Your message already resides in your heart.  There is nothing outside of yourself that you need in order to access it.  The point of entry is in the stillness of your mind and the opening of your heart to receive and see what’s already there.

The most powerful method I teach my clients in Get Your Book Done® is to use a meditative practice to quiet their mind, center themselves, relax into the present moment, and wait to see what shows up.

I remember when I interviewed Gay Hendricks and he shared that his best “strategy” for writing so many best-selling books was to meditate before every writing session.  I love that he shared this with me, because it’s what I had been doing and teaching without knowing this is how he wrote his many books.

So, what if you’re not established in a meditation practice?  First, don’t start judging yourself about it because that will get you nowhere.  Rather, start small.  Give yourself 5 minutes before you go to bed or 5 minutes as soon as you awaken in the morning.  Simply focus on your breathing, become present in the moment and ask for your authentic message to be made known to you.

You can take a few minutes through the day at various times to do this.  All you need is to become consciously aware of your breath, perhaps closing your eyes, turning your focus inward and making your heart available to receive the message that’s meant to be shared through you.

Then, be patient with yourself.  You cannot force your authentic message to show up.  Give it time to gestate and reveal itself to you in its right time.

And don’t let yourself off the hook.  Be persistent and diligent about continually and consciously quieting your mind and connecting with your heart with the intention of opening to your authentic message.  You might gain crystal clarity overnight, or it may take a while for more to be revealed.  Either way, it’s all good!   So, stick with it and I trust you’ll experience the great joy of seeing your authentic message take shape.

About the Author

Christine Kloser

Christine’s book writing programs have served more than 90,000 people in 127 countries.  She’s also published 650+ transformational authors and has been on the Top 100 Amazon, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-seller lists herself. She is the Founder and CEO of Get Your Book Done and Capucia Publishing.

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