067: Christina Nicholson – How to get Booked on Podcasts

by | May 10, 2021 | Podcast

Podcasts are one of the amazing ways for authors to connect with potential readers and grow your audience! It gives you a great opportunity to reach new people in communities you may not have had access to otherwise.   Plus, it gives your readers a unique opportunity to get to know you more deeply,.  Tune in to this episode where Christine and Christina Nicholson talk about what to do – and not do – to pitch yourself to podcasts so you can secure more bookings, promote your message and get your voice out there!

Tune in and listen to Christine and Christina discuss:

●  How the backend of podcasts operates to help you get booked on more of them…
●  Coming up with ideas to pitch to podcasts that aren’t overly commercial..
●  How to know which podcast to pitch and how to build your pitch list..
●  And so much more!

About Christina Nicholson:
Christina Nicholson is a former TV reporter and anchor who now owns and operates a public relations firm, Media Maven. She helps small business owners earn exposure through media relations, video production, writing, and blogging. She also recently launched Master your PR, an online course that teaches small business owners how to handle public relations on their own. Christina also has a local lifestyle and family blog, Mascara Maven. She lives in South Florida with her husband and two young children.

Connect with Christina Nicholson:
Website: MediaMavenAndMore.com
The Exact Pitch to Land Podcast Interviews
Facebook: Media Maven and More
Twitter: @christinaallday
Instagram: @christinaallday
LinkedIn: @christinaallday

Connect with Christine Kloser:
Award-Winning Course: Get Your Book Done
Website: www.GetYourBookDone.com
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Since 2004, Christine Kloser has trained nearly 70,000 entrepreneurs, leaders and authors to write their transformational books through her popular programs, Get Your Book Done®, the Transformational Author Experience®, Breakthrough LIVE, and the My Time to Write® mentorship program. She is well recognized as the leader of the transformational author movement, and is gifted at helping her clients feel seen, heard, valued and understood in ways that transform their lives, books and businesses. 


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