033 Pete Winiarski: How Authorship Can Transform Crisis into Opportunity

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Podcast

In times like these, authors have an amazing opportunity to provide much needed support, strategies and service to their readers.  That’s exactly what guest Pete Winiarski did. And, he transformed our current crisis into a huge opportunity for timely guidance to readers who needed it… and fast!  Pete will discuss how he was able to write his book in record time while fulfilling his purpose and helping more people. 

In this episode, Christine and Pete discuss:

  • Creating “Head down” time to focus on your book’s creation.
  • Tips on what to include and what to leave out of your manuscript.
  • How to make writing fun and fulfilling.  
  • The importance of your physical writing space.
  • And more! 

About Guest: Pete Winiarski is the founder and CEO of Win Enterprises LLC which is a service company that helps business leaders achieve outstanding performance, profit, and peace of mind as they transform themselves, their teams, and their companies. Pete is also a speaker, a workshop leader, the host of The Business Results radio podcast, and the author of multiple best-selling books on leadership, team impact, business transformation, goal achievement, and also high integrity consulting. 

Virtual Teams That Thrive: How to Use the 5Ps of Effective Virtual Teams to Increase Productivity, Build Autonomy, and Elevate Your Business in an Age of Uncertainty

Free Resource: Virtual Teams That Thrive,  Corresponding Book Exercises

Connect with Pete Winiarski:
Twitter: @Pete Winiarski
Instagram: @petewiniarski
Facebook: Pete Winiarski
LinkedIn: Pete Winiarski
Website: CompleteBusinessTransformation.com
Email: pete.winiarski@completebusinesstransformation.com
Book:  Virtual Teams that Thrive 

Connect with Christine Kloser:
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