030 SARK: How To Write No Matter What

We all have moments when we allow our inner critics to sabotage our efforts to fulfill our purpose. Life happens, and waiting for the perfect time and perfect circumstances to write will leave you with blank pages and anxiety. Listen to today’s episode to learn from inspirational New York Times best-selling author and motivational speaker SARK how to just get to writing even when it seems impossible.

In this episode, Christine and SARK discuss:

    • The single most powerful word that can help you silence the inner critic 
    • How to write, even when you’re feeling distracted
    • How SARK learned to blend terrible and wonderful things together to inspire creativity… and healing
    • How the very process of writing a book can bring about transformation in one’s life.

About SARK:
Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, known internationally as SARK, is a highly acclaimed author, artist, speaker and teacher with millions of books in print, along with a strong and continuing social media presence augmented by speaking engagements, seminars and guest appearances.The result is a worldwide outreach spanning 35 years. SARK is now fully engaged in a major brand expansion spearheaded by her new self-help memoir.  SARK in her new memoir offers not only a compelling story but also real hope with real “magic” that absolutely works.

Born in Minneapolis in 1954, SARK wrote her first book at age 10, going on to pursue higher education in Communication Arts and Radio/Television Production. She is a favorite with both PBS and NPR, and widely touted by print and social media. Some of the luminaries that endorse her work are: Dr. Maya Angelou, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marci Shimoff, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Neale Donald Walsch and Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen.

SARK’s purpose is to be a transformer, uplifter and laser beam of love, and she does that through her art, words and spirit.    
Free Your Creative Spirit

Connect with SARK: 
Website: Planet SARK: Home Page
Facebook: SARK – Home
Instagram: Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (@sarkifylife)
Twitter: SARK (@SusanAkaSARK)

Connect with Christine Kloser:
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Award-Winning Program:   Get Your Book Done
Website: ChristineKloser.com
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Publishing: CapuciaPublishing.com
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About the Author

Christine Kloser

Christine’s book writing programs have served more than 90,000 people in 127 countries.  She’s also published 650+ transformational authors and has been on the Top 100 Amazon, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-seller lists herself. She is the Founder and CEO of Get Your Book Done and Capucia Publishing.

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